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As the plane crept closer ever closer to the ground, the struggle shifted from maintaining speed at the cost of altitude to maintaining altitude at the cost of speed. “500, TOO LOW GEAR. 500, TOO LOW GEAR,” the radio altimeter chimed out in monotone, warning of an incorrect landing configuration. In a normal emergency landing, Johnson would’ve deployed the landing gear, but with the aircraft juking towards the left on account of the failed engine, the risk of the gear impacting and rolling the plane was too high. They’d have to land on the belly and hope that the plane slowed enough before they impacted anything substantial. //Put stuff here and make this better. the warnings should add tension, not be content int themselves “400, TOO LOW GEAR. 400, TOO LOW GEAR” “Look! Over there!” Steve shouted, pointing left towards a break in the endless sea of trees. Johnson grunted in affirmation as they both pulled the yokes to direct the plane towards the impromptu runway. “300, TOO LOW GEAR. 300, TOO LOW GEAR” “200, TOO…show more content…
He knew the radio was non-op, but at least it would be recorded on the CVR. Maybe it would give her some comfort. Maybe. “50...40...30..20…” The altimeter's announcement was drowned out as by deafening thumping and scraping as trees began to scrape the bottom of the fuselage. Both pilots still held their yokes at maximum deflection upwards, trying to scrape the last remnants of lift from their crippled plane. If they dropped into the trees, the plane would disintegrate on impact with a sturdy oak. Suddenly, the noise stopped as the plane popped out of the edge of the forest. The cockpit was suddenly silent, save for the rushing of the air and bleating of alarms. Both pilots were able to see the ground as the plane dropped, the wings having stalled from the low speed. The pilots were treated to a front row seat as the plane floated like rock towards the ground, still going over 160 (RESEARCH THIS) MPH

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