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When I was in fourth grade I became really close to my grandpa. He would teach me life skills and how to be just an all around good person. In the summer after fourth grade I would ride my bike to his house every day just to see him and to learn more. We would go fishing and he would teach me how to catch a fish gut it and clean it for dinner. We would keep them in the freezer and wait till we had enough for the whole family at Sunday dinner. It wasn't very often that we had it for dinner I think we only did it once, but it was still very fun and I learned a lot. Every Wednesday I fouled mow the lawn, when I started I didn't even know how to start the mower but he showed me and helped me to do it. When I got into fifth grade I would still…show more content…
We order his favorite pizza and just had a good time tougher. We were all their, all of his kids and grandkids. It was so fun and he was just so happy. Then the next weekend he had to go to elko Nevada for a mining job. The whole way there he slept and that was not like him at all. He never slept in the car he would be the one who would drive through the night just so we could make it home on time. And when he got to the hotel he just went to his room and didn't socialize witch was wired because he was a very social man. And at four in the morning he got up to go to the bathroom and had a massive hart attack and died on the spot. When I heard the news I just didn't believe it I refused to believe it and ran to my room. I was a very sensitive kid and this was just to much to handle. It sent me over the edge I became very depressed and had to go to counseling because I was about to go suisidel. I had to go on the strongest antidepressant that a kid my age could take. I started to close myself of from the world I didn't want friends and my grades went down to F's. I started to get bullied because I was quite and was not

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