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Waking up to the sunlight streaming through the raggedy curtains, Evelyn pried her sleep deprived eyes open and stumbled into the nearest bathroom she could find. Splashing cold water onto her face, she looked at the mirror startled to see the unrecognizable figure that looked back at her. Ugh, she thought, so this is what twenty four hours on a plane does to you. Her long brown hair was sticking out in every direction; with clumps of knots threatening to consume any comb that would dare to brush them out. “Eyebrow game strong, more like eye bag game strong,” Evelyn snickered peering closely at the eye bags that were so dark; they looked black against her caramel colored skin and pale blue eyes. Seconds later, her Mom walked in saying “Woah,”…show more content…
You yourself are only sixteen, it’s a three year difference Evelyn, and remember, DO NOT LEAVE SOPHIE.” “Can you at least make her take off her pasta necklace, it’s embarrassing” “I could, but then again you went through a similar phase and embarrassed me, so no,” her mom quipped. Realizing she could not win the argument, Evelyn rolled her eyes and stormed away. After managing to brush out her seemingly invincible lion’s mane, Evelyn went with Sophie and went on their mission to find some fresh dates. Having moved from a country where you just go to Walmart to buy groceries, the concept of standing in an outside market place did not thrill her. Although she had to walk quite a distance to find the market, the sights she saw awed her, from the women who hid their faces with colorful scarves, to the loud market men and women who sold everything you could ever think of. When she had finished bargaining with a man for a bag of fresh dates, Evelyn took them and walked back to the coffee shop that was air-conditioned, and was owned by her Mom and Dad—since the only reason they moved from their suburban life was because her parents wanted to own a shop in another country—and gave the bag of fresh dates to her Mom and then proceeded to flop down comfortably on the sofa that was placed near the counter filled with authentic Israeli

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