Personal Narrative Essay

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It was around 1am in the morning, I should be sleeping, instead I was surfing the internet. The only sign of light came from my computer screen, scrolling through sundry links that can go on forever, my attention was snatched away by a virtual website that would soon open up a new part of me. “What is this?” I spoke quietly in curiosity. I clicked the blue link and destroyed my curiosity, intrigued by the pixelated characters, I was far too young for this site, although, I signed up anyways. I can diffidently recall how I was; a young pre-teen, not mature and emotionally unstable. So much of a fetus, I used abbreviations with cringeworthy grammar. I was not dependent on people, I would isolate myself from any socialization, call me an extreme…show more content…
As time progressed, as well did the building of our relationship and the start of a change in myself. For the first time, I grew closer, and finally craved another's constant attention, Izzy would be there when I was upset or beyond bored. She seemed to have plenty of free time, and would be there for the times when I’d angry at my mother for not letting me have my way, I would log on and begin aggressively pounding on individual keys, expressing my childish emotions. Izzy would sit minutes to an hour listening to me spewing my emotions, I loved this about her, I loved the way she would take my side, even if I were overreacting or being pathetic. It would always follow along the lines of, “She wouldn’t buy me new clothes.” Izzy would reply, “Wow, your mom sucks.” She would always reassure me, when she talked about our future as friends. Isolation was always in my favor when it came to being face to face. I hated having to talk or be forced to spend time with someone in reality. Online, I had the power to end a conversation, the power to start a new one. Izzy caused my young self to see the parts that she only wanted me to see, this what makes some people on the internet addicting. Izzy and I connected immediately, phones calls were never dull, just the right amount of drama to fill that

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