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While growing up there were many things I took for granted. The famous quote “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone,” runs through my mind daily. Throughout life you should cherish every little thing that goes on because one day things will change. You will miss all the things in life you thought you wouldn’t. It took for me to lose a big part of my life to realize this. Walking into that old noisy gym every day at 2:30 for volleyball practice was a normal routine for my teammates and I. As soon as we were finished putting on our knee pads and changing our clothes, we would start complaining. We would complain about running laps, doing agilities, and running stadiums. We basically complained about doing anything that we thought didn’t…show more content…
He wanted us to exceed our personal best. Although, I didn’t realize it at that time he was just trying to help. I remember one day I was just sitting on the wooden floor of the gym not doing a thing. Coach Sasser started telling me to run laps around the gym. I stood up rolled my eyes and asked him why did I have to run laps when running has nothing to do with volleyball. He was pretty shocked when I was being disrespectful because it wasn’t like me. I just didn’t understand why he was always making us do all these unnecessary exercises and activities during practice. Occasionally we would have fun practices. Other times they felt long and boring. But on a positive note there was one person who could always make you laugh during those long boring practices. Her name is Claire. She is one of the funniest people I have ever met. When I’m around her she was always doing something to make you laugh, whether it be making a goofy face, or just doing some unordinary thing that was hilarious. One day we were all just sitting down on a water break drinking out of disposable cone cups. Out of nowhere Claire burst in the room singing. “My milkshake brings all the boys to the

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