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Name: Keshab Dhimal Instructor: J. Troncale Course: ENL 211 Date: 10/02/2015 Narrative Essay A famous quote says, ‘”Everything is hard before it becomes easy”. I believe this is true because learning something new is not always an easy task. When I was in middle school in my country, Nepal, one of the most difficult tasks I had ever done in my life was learn how to swim. I thought swimming was one of the important forms of exercise to help me to remain physically fit; however, I was always scared to swim in the water. Over time, I did not just learned how to swim, but also learned that the best part of the learning is to make mistakes and learn from them. First, I was always scared to swim and swimming for the first time made me more nervous. After my teacher instructed me to change my dress, I changed into a bathing suit in the dressing room. I quickly changed my dress and came out and stood near the pool waiting for my friends. In the meantime, my teacher and the rest of my friends got out of the room; therefore, I joined with them and I was ready for swimming with them. My heartbeat went up and my hands started shaking. Hence, all these preparation before swimming made me more nervous.…show more content…
I am scared of drowning into the pool, but fortunately I haven’t. The black-colored water wings that my teacher provided helped me to float, so I never drown into the water. At the same time, I was learning to swim by looking at my friends who already had taken basic swimming classes. By looking at them, slowly I build up my confidence and tried to swim for roughly half and hour and got out of the pool finally. Therefore, I gained more confidence, felt more comfortable and found swimming in the pool to be much easier than what I

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