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  • Emotional Burden In Nursing

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    Emotional burden is a feeling of psychological fatigue which is characterized by the lack of energy on the individual’s behalf to invest in his/her work combined with a perceived impression that all his/her emotional reserve is depleted. It can present with feelings of tension or disappointment (Lazaridou et al., 2011). Emotional burden is a term used to describe induction or suppression of feeling in order to sustain in others a sense of being cared for in a convivial safe place, this suppression

  • Ethical Issues In Nursing

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    She lost her entire family in a war, only one relative is left; her sister who suffers dementia and lives in a nursing home. The patient is depressed because of the death of her husband two years earlier. Along with depression, she is experiencing severe anxiety. On treatment by antidepressants, she faced severe nausea and vomiting. She was admitted involuntarily

  • The Importance Of Care In Nursing

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    When entering a hospital, there can be many different emotions brought upon an individual. It may be a place where hatred takes one's body, for this is a place a loved one was lost. One may feel sadness, as this is a place they continuously search for health. Another may feel love, as this is the place they refer to as another home, their workplace. These particular people are likely to be a part of a complex medical team. This particular team is made up of multiple members, in which each play a

  • Dental Nursing Essay

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    Dental Nursing 5234: Unit 302 Written Questions Q1) Please summarise the professional standards of care for dental care for professionals. There are nine principles which every dental professional has to follow: 1 Put patients’ interest first 2 Communicate effectively with patients 3 Obtain valid consent 4 Maintain and protect patients’ information 5 Have a clear and effective complaints procedure 6 Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients’ best interests 7 Maintain, develop and

  • Medication Errors In Nursing

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    Garcia (2006) had stated that nurses play the main role in ensuring and preventing medication errors. Researchers had reported that 38% of medication errors that take place in hospitals are serious and leads to mortality. Nurses being the majority number of healthcare provider had been found to be responsible for 26% to 38% of medication errors that takes place in hospital settings. In fact nurses’ vital role is ensuring that all patients would receive safe treatment (Kim, An, Kim & Yoon, 2016).

  • Emotional Intelligence In Nursing

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    emotional practice (Kerr et al., 2006), emotional intelligence highlights the importance of utilising both emotional and mental approaches in leadership roles (Eason, 2009). Caring competency and professional empathy are vital responsibilities of nursing care and emotional intelligence which promote improved quality of care (Smith, Profetto-McGrath and Cummings, 2009) and increased job satisfaction (Akerjordet and Severinsson, 2010). Emotionally intelligent leaders have the ability to inspire trusting

  • Nursing Leadership Interview

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    work and be considerate, professional, understanding but at the same time knows how to manage their unit. For my interview I chose a nurse manager than I am very familiar with, I have worked with her many times and she has made an impact on me as a nursing student. Carol Williams RN,BSN is the Nurse Manager of a telemetry/medical surgical floor at St. Vincent's Riverside. I decided to interview her because of the interactions we have had in the past. This interview is to help get a better understanding

  • Person Centred Nursing Framework

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    person-centred nursing framework incorporates four constructs, which are inter-dependant: prerequisites, which focuses on the attributes of the nurse, the care environment, which focuses on the context in which the care is delivered, person-centred processes, which focuses on delivering care through a range of activities, expected outcomes, which are the results of effective person-centred

  • Civil War Nursing History

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    August 1861. This change of policy prompted thousands of women to volunteer their services to assist the sick and wounded soldiers during the Civil War between 1861 and 1865. The Civil War set the stage for resulting improvements within the history of nursing. As viewed in history, the female medical nurses of the Civil War were not a predominant type of individuals. They were average yet solid willed women who needed to have any kind of effect or change regardless of the societal guidelines which ruled

  • My Nursing Philosophy Essay

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    peers and family and felt a strong sense of gratification when helping others which led me to pursue the career of nursing. My philosophy of nursing includes the awareness of medicine while merging it with personal, attentive care that recognizes the dignity of each patient. My personal philosophy centers on the compassion and well-being of each patient and providing well-rounded nursing care. There are many values I feel are vital in relating to patients as well as health professionals, my family,