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  • Pulse Oximetry In Nursing

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    Pulse Oximetry has a primary use that is mainly used in many different types of hospital environments and is used as a non-invasive method of attaining blood oxygen saturation also known as (SpO2) in patients. To find the amount of oxygen saturation the devise compares and contrast the different wavelengths of light that is emitted from the pulse oximeter and then compares the light that was absorbed and then transcribing it into parameters giving us the percentage of oxygen saturation for a given

  • Nursing During Civil War

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    During the Civil War, many different occupations existed for people with different skills. One of the main occupations was nursing. Every wounded soldier needed a nurse so there had to always be many of them on hand for when they were needed. They were needed for many things such as illnesses, diseases, sores, and injuries. The participants in the war were not immune to communicable diseases and did not know the way to avoid them; therefore they were wide open to the many germs in the world. Many

  • Narrative Nursing Narrative Essay

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    anecdotic. They could give the possibility to improve imagination, to form the skills, and to form the grounds for the future personal and professional development. Throughout history, storytelling has been used to spread information, not only in nursing, but also in all kinds of science and folklore. Telling stories and listening evaluates the connections between knowledge and practical tools. Narratives provide the helpful ways to learn, grow professionally, and conduct research. Moreover, it is

  • Nursing Home Research Paper

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    There bedroom would be a normal size bedroom with a tv and a bed,plus a dresser. What I think of a nursing home would be a place where you just lay around all day.At my house they would beable to get up at walk around and go places with me instead of being inside all day long.Some nursing homes let you go out side depends on wear you go.My parents already told me they do not want to be in a nursing home or a care facility. If my parent’s needed to go to the doctor I would

  • Nursing Student Physical Assessment

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    curiosity and inquiry. During my clinical rotation, I completed my reading and independent learning, but remained approachable, proactive, observant, and interested in the hands on learning experience and different techniques performed on the unit. 2. Nursing Practice: Demonstrates beginning leadership skills such as preparation, initiation, cooperation, engagement, flexibility and accepting constructive feedback. While on the NIMC unit, I was shown the proper practices for feedings, diaper change and

  • The Importance Of Alzheimer's Care In Nursing

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    be feeling about having this illness. Patients may often feel very isolated and lonely this can be very hard on a person and on their families, as their families may want to be there but cannot all the time. This is why holistic nursing is such an important part of nursing, it can make a person in this kind of situation feel happy and wanted, this can make a huge difference in the wellbeing of a patient. They don’t just feel like they are a hassle and that they are just another one of your patients

  • Pediatric Nursing Skills

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    Knowledge: A pediatric should be able to obtain and recall knowledge about the physical, intellectual, emotional and development of the certain patient the pediatric is required to know all of these to ensure a correct treatment for the patient. Observation: Observation skills range from noticing a person’s appearance and behaviour. This is useful because it enables the pediatric to ensure they are careful and are looking out for signs of abuse to ensure the welfare of the patient. For example,

  • Nursing Consent Case Study

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    According to Niles (2013, p.34) law is defined as a ‘body of rules for the behaviour on individuals and organisations and is created so there is minimal standards of action required from individuals and organisations’. In healthcare, law is essential as it enables patients to have the highest standards of care as the law enables patients to be respected as individuals. As a nurse you need to have good knowledge of laws as it impacts on everyday decisions in your practice. According to the medical

  • Hybrid Role In Nursing

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    enthusiasm, and as staff pervaded almost every aspect of the interviews highly related to their experiences of the hybrid role. We could see that the way the managers approached their staff pointed towards similarities with the caring values associated with the nurse profession. This piece of data functioned as a starting point for the next round of analysis, where we tried to make sense of what we found so salient. Hence, this stage also lead us to formulate our second research question treating

  • Meta Analysis In Nursing

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    Meta-analysis is an epidemiological, recognized, quantifiable study design that helps in systematical evaluation of earlier research studies to originate conclusions indicative of body of research. Conclusions drawn from meta-analysis may consist of a more detailed and accurate assessment of the consequences of various treatments, different risk factors for any particular or specific disease, or other outcomes, than individual research contributing to joint analysis. One of the critical outcome