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Dental Nursing 5234: Unit 302 Written Questions Q1) Please summarise the professional standards of care for dental care for professionals. There are nine principles which every dental professional has to follow: 1 Put patients’ interest first 2 Communicate effectively with patients 3 Obtain valid consent 4 Maintain and protect patients’ information 5 Have a clear and effective complaints procedure 6 Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients’ best interests 7 Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills 8 Raise concerns if patients are at risk 9 Make sure your personal behaviour maintains patients’ confidence in you and the dental profession (Standards for the dental team- Each principle…show more content…
E.g. cutting corners versus legislation and best practice, anti-discriminatory practices during the employment process, staff rotas and dealing with different individual staff needs such as religion, pregnancy, disability. There are many ethical and legal issues every manager facing every day depends on the size of the practice they are running e.g.- working mothers (may require time to express breast milk, they will need flexibility with working hours or they will require emergency time off from time to time); pregnant women (time off for visits of the hospital for scans or classes such as breast-feeding class, maternity leave); religion (allow the staff certain things because of the religion like- time for preying; different plates, cutlery, towels, sponges and other utensils for kosher food in the staff room); illness (flexible hours and time off to visit GP if the medical condition is chronic); disability (staff with disability may require special chairs or other adjustments to their working conditions); mental issues (such as depressions- people suffering from depressions may require unexpected times off); medical conditions (latex allergy- nitrile gloves become first choice of gloves as more people having problems with latex, asthma); trainees (are not able work on their own or touch anything dirty until they receive their second Hepatitis B vaccination, so for first few weeks they only shadowing fully trained

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