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  • Concept Of Nursing Learning

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    1. LEARNING The concept of learning will help the nurse to provide safer care and positive patient outcomes. It helps her to increase her knowledge, contribute to professional growth and encourages critical thinking. It makes the nurse to be competent at performing tasks and make complex decisions that could have life-or-death consequences on patient care. It keeps the nurse updated with current knowledge and skills. Seminars is one of the avenue where learning takes place and such avenue promote

  • Orthostatic Hypotension In Nursing

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    the patient feel dizzy or light-headed and can cause a patient to become unsteady and/or fall. If a patient has orthostatic hypotension, their pulse will increase 15-30 bpm or blood pressure will decrease by 20 mmHg systolic or 10 mmHg diastolic (Nursing: A concept-based, 2015, pp. 1067-1068). 2. Explain the steps of assessing

  • Research Variables In Nursing

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    CONCEPTS 1. Variables 2. Research Questions 3. Literature Review 4. Manipulation 5. Purposive Sampling 6. Observation in Research 7. Reliability 8. Testing Hypothesis 9. Abstract Writing 10. Informed Consent RESEARCH VARIABLES This is a concept, characteristic or trait that varies e.g. takes on measurably different values within an identified population in a research study (Rae W Longford 2001). The research variables of any scientific experiment or research process are factors that

  • Nursing Sensitive Indicators

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    Introduction Nursing-sensitive indicators are important in terms of the holistic nursing care. It reflects the structure, process and outcomes of nursing care (Nursing-Sensitive Indicators, 2014). The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) is a program specifically for nurses to use as a resource in order to determine ways for quality improvement. Specifically, the NDNQI has included and endorsed pressure ulcers as a nursing-sensitive indicator. The NDNQI has also developed a training

  • Complexity Science In Nursing

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    we frame situations to include more holistic viewpoints. By understanding the feedback loops that crash into and ebb from one another, we may be more suited to view the patient as a whole, rather than a diagnosis to unravel and treat. The field of nursing will benefit from the macro level, down to the micro. Understanding systemic dynamics will improve workflow and productivity. Being blind to the kinks of the daily workflow will not only steal seconds away from a nurses routine, but it may also lead

  • My Goals For Nursing

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    that is to finish nursing school and earn a degree. I am committed in pursuing my goal because of my family’s situation which inspired me to be in the medical field. When I was young, I wanted to become a Civil Engineer but an event occurred when I was 15 years old. My grandfather suffered from fatal hemorrhagic stroke and he was admitted at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. I visited him and I saw the difficult situation of my grandfather. I witnessed how nurses quality nursing care to their

  • Smart Bed Proposal

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    treated on adult wards, too few staff caring for patient overnights. Patients waiting for their call bells to be answered will not be helped well in time hence lengthening waits for treatment. (Buerhaus, 2007) further explained that shortage of nursing staff is a result from combination of factors including rising demand, little growth in registered nurse work force that decreased the supply of working registered nurses and a stressful hospital work place environment. This leading to high mortality

  • Stress Management In Nursing

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    intensive care unit. The collection of data was undertaken by the researcher; one questionnaire to categorize the population and two self – reported inventories were used. One of them evaluates stress and is composed of two parts; the first one is the nursing stress inventory (NSI) and the second one is called job Satisfaction. The other inventory, MBI –Maslach Burnout Inventory, was used in this study to assess signs and symptoms of the burnout syndrome. The data were analyzed according to the categorization

  • Stress In Nursing Essay

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    professions. Among these disciplines, it is observed that nursing students undergo tremendous amounts of stress during various stages of their course (Papazisis et al, 2008). Nursing focuses on meeting physical, social and emotional health care needs of these individuals. In the process of meeting the needs, nurses often have to give care under emotionally intense conditions. Thus consequently exposing themselves to great amount of distress. Therefore nursing profession requires them to be emotionally vigilant

  • Teamwork In The Nursing Field

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    Teamwork In The Nursing Field Marissa Royal Communication 5/27/2015 First, I would like to tell a quick story as to why I think teamwork is important. I worked in a restaurant and teamwork was essential but was lacking. All the servers are supposed to work together in one movie and serve guests. Unfortunately, this was not done properly. All the servers would do is fight with each other and nothing would get done. Sooner or later the guests would get upset because they were not receiving