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  • Gibbs Reflective Cycle

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    management, plan nursing care follow priority to deliver care to the

  • Importance Of Ethics In Nursing

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    around your ward/department and watch the nurses at work. Do the nurses in your workplace apply ethical theories and/or ethical principles in clinical practice setting? What kind of values do they portray? What do you think of the current values in nursing ethics in comparison to the expected ethical behaviours for nurses? Write your thoughts in the Note book. I strongly agree we as a nurse must learn ethics especially in ability to make a best decision during ethical dilemma happen in everyday at

  • Collective Abigaining In Nursing

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    Collective bargaining is the process where employees and their employers work together to make decisions regarding pay rates, work hours, and other terms and conditions about the work environment. Collective bargaining is viewed by nurses as a way to enforce integrity and fairness in the work environment and share authority and power with employees (Roussel, 2013). Collective bargaining has become an avenue for nurses to impact their work environment and to influence their economic security during

  • The Importance Of Inter-Shift Handover

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    The authors’ experience and wide range of existing research on inter-shift handover reveals that there are many different ways to hand over a client in the end of the nursing shift. This so-called “ritual” is central to good practice development but also aids a nurse to gain essential caseload knowledge at the beginning of the shift. Handover process may be divided into five major types: handover sheet, tape recorded, bedside, written and verbal (Miller 1998, Sexton et al. 2004). However, verbal

  • Priority Nursing Diagnosis

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    The priority nursing diagnosis for this patient is ineffective airway clearance. This is related to the patient’s history of smoking, inability to cough and clear secretions, and presence of an artificial airway. When suctioning, the nurse should assess the color and viscosity of the secretions. A sudden change in the color or a new odor usually indicates an infection. The patient showed signs of dyspnea before suctioning, and rhonchi was present in the anterior portion of the lungs. Interventions

  • Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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    rite down your original goal from CCC Part 1E. • My goal is to start a conversation with strangers. 4A2. Write down what you think your updated goal for this project should be now. It may be the same, slightly modified or totally different from Part 1E. For example: • At this moment I don’t think my main goal should be modified. Learning how to initiate a conversation with someone I don’t is essential for two reasons. Communication is an important factor to be able to do as a nurse. Throughout my

  • Nursing Intervention Paper

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    A goal for a client in a Skilled Nursing Facility and then an appropriate intervention approach would go as follows. Within two weeks, the client will be able to put on his shoes with the use of a shoe horn, independently. A: Actor-the client B: Behavior-will be able to put on his shoes C: Condition- with the use of a shoe horn C: Criteria-independently T: Timeframe- within two weeks Using adaptive equipment such as a shoe horn will use a modification approach and prevent the client from having

  • Hospice Nursing Memorandum

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    should treat all with respect and dignity. While reading the hospice and health care chapter, it was hard to not cry during this chapter. Since I lost my father last year because of cancer, I was thankful to have hospice come into the home. In hospice nursing each person should be able to die with dignity, respect, and pain free. John 14:3 - And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, [there] ye may be also (KJV). As a person transfers from

  • Self Awareness In Nursing

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    teaching:- Skills training are carried out using the learning principles of guiding, modeling, practice, feedback, lecture, group discussion and brain storming. Time, duration and setting for the lectures:- -We will give sessions at the faculty of nursing in the class room, the schedule is: 10 AM – 11 AM, 2 days / week for 4 weeks and length of session will be from 45 to 60 minutes. - Determine methods of evaluation (written, oral, problem solving, summative and formative). Implementation Phase The

  • The Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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    and ideas to interact with people. Good communication is acknowledged as the cornerstone of nursing and is essential to the delivery of effective patient care. (Gill & Duffy, 2010). In hospital setting we always see the patient and their family throughout with cancer journey and monitor their stress level and their coping mechanism. We as nurses should provide psychosocial care to them as a part of nursing care. To provide holistic care nurses communication is very important which provides help in