The Importance Of Care In Nursing

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When entering a hospital, there can be many different emotions brought upon an individual. It may be a place where hatred takes one's body, for this is a place a loved one was lost. One may feel sadness, as this is a place they continuously search for health. Another may feel love, as this is the place they refer to as another home, their workplace. These particular people are likely to be a part of a complex medical team. This particular team is made up of multiple members, in which each play a significant role. From the dietitian to the physical therapist, excellent patient care is a priority for success in both their career, and patient health. Although, with the many members within the team, there can be clear distinctions made between…show more content…
It is seen that nurses find medicine through all aspects of life, it is not just a cure, but the care and comfort for all of their peers and patients. A physician often searches for a cure, but fails to give care. Unlike doctors nurses are also they are emotionally there for the patients. As a patient could be going through a dramatic life experience, the nurse is an individual to openly talk to. Many patients and even family have the opportunity to build a professional relationship with their nurse. I find that both physical and emotional care are important towards complete health of a patient, in which nurses endure. As most physicians lack this aspect of care, this often alters the relationship built with each patient. Many feel as if the factor that their personal doctor barely knows their name changes the perception on all doctors in general; doctors do not care about the emotional factor towards a patient. As this greatly differs from a nurse, the ethical views and duties among both can be much…show more content…
The title behind their name should not define the person, for it only stands for their education level. Authority is something that has run through generations, causing doctors to always be looked upon as a leader of the medical team. The ethical views, in which a doctor is attempting to find a cure and a nurse provides care are much different. Even though these are clear differences, there is no clear dictation saying that a doctor is better than a nurse. Each have an immense amount of knowledge, skill, and ability towards the care for their patients. Similar to the many team members within a medical group, there are many differences throughout medical

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