Medication Errors In Nursing

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Garcia (2006) had stated that nurses play the main role in ensuring and preventing medication errors. Researchers had reported that 38% of medication errors that take place in hospitals are serious and leads to mortality. Nurses being the majority number of healthcare provider had been found to be responsible for 26% to 38% of medication errors that takes place in hospital settings. In fact nurses’ vital role is ensuring that all patients would receive safe treatment (Kim, An, Kim & Yoon, 2016). The last person that checks on the medication before dispensing to the patients’ are nurses, thus if they had ensure correct prescription and dispensing, medication error can be prevented (Carolyn, Debra, Patricia & Tamara, 2015). However, in my incident…show more content…
As a person in charge I felt very disappointed as I had failed to realize the level of competent of my staffs. not only that, till today the thing that is still haunting me is that the patient’s family did not know that it was due to our error that had caused her life. I will have this guilt till the day I die. When the incident took place I was really very angry with my staffs as I could not believe such a senior nurse and as a TL they could do such a big mistake. Due to my anger I literally had shouted and scold the nurses that committed the error. To my surprise the primary nurse was not showing any guilt or even felt remorse and that made me to become angrier. However, the TL felt bad about it and kept apologizing for her mistake. She immediate noted to me that she had learned a very wrong way but she ensures that this mistake will never happen…show more content…
In order to have proper understanding on high alert medication, a guideline is indeed crucial to assist the nurses administering safe treatment. High alert medication is known to have the highest risk of medication administration that is been carried out by nurses. Besides that based on the incident the nurse had stated that she assume the no ‘5’ was ‘2’ and this is due to poor handwriting by the doctor. If only the hospital had a Electronic prescribing (E-prescribing) system, than this incident surly could have been

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