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  • Nursing Reflection

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    PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND FOUNDATIONS OF PRACTICE OCT4006-D For this reflection, I will be discussing the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) at my placement and the role of the Occupational therapists (OT) within the MDT. The model of reflection I will be using is the Rolfe et al (2001), which consists of three questions: What? So what? Now what? What? The MDT at my placement consists of OT’s, Consultants, Memory Support Workers, Health Support Workers (HSW), Psychologists and Social Workers. The MDT

  • Future Trends In Nursing

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    Future Trends in Nursing Practice Nursing practice experiences constant and rapid evolution due to the implementation of new coming trends related to the demographic changes, nursing research, and technology. Being the closest to patients’ caregivers, nurses are considered as major contributors to healthcare organizations. Nurses are obliged to have an evidence-based understanding of the significant influence that can be made through health promotion interventions and deliver this understanding to

  • Essay On Nursing Homes

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    activities like shopping for their needs, walking around, or simply taking care of themselves. With our busy lives, many would opt for the easy way out, which is to put our elderly in a nursing home where they can be medically attended to by professionals. Putting your grandparents or older relatives in a nursing facility has its advantages. First off, it can be beneficial if they need proper medical care and attention. After all, medical professionals and caregivers can provide them with the health

  • Breastfeeding In NICU Nursing

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    The attitude of the nursing staff can greatly impact the mother’s decision to breastfeed. Educating nurses on breastfeeding and the benefits of breastfeeding can increase the nurse’s confidence to promote breastfeeding in the NICU (Taylor, Gribble, Sheeham, Schmied, & Dykes, 2011). Also, by implementing the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, that support breastfeeding is another way in which could help educate and change the attitude of nursing staff in the NICU. The more knowledge

  • Nursing Reflection Paper

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    pregnant when she is not and doesn’t have no understanding of consequences of her actions. As the day progressed, the patient became more intrusive at the nursing station. Pt constantly wanting to go on grounds passes every 30 minutes, we had to keep reminding the patient that she had to wait for the whole duration of one hour. Where the window of the nursing station that allows that patients to communicate with the staff was near the computer I was using to do my charting of my assessments. When trying

  • Becoming A Nursing Assistant

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    CNA career. Nursing Assistants and Orderlies give patients the much needed attention and care they deserve. Being a Nursing Assistant is a great place to start when wanting to work in the Medical field. Nursing Assistance has different duties depending on the location and where you are hired. There is a big amount of information to learn and memorize while training for this career to receive a degree. There are many roles and requirements to receive a degree in the medical field. Nursing Assistance

  • Safeguarding Issues In Nursing

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    Safeguarding is a broad issue within Child Nursing as there are numerous forms of abuse. Abuse, as defined by the Department of Health (DoH, 1999), can be divided into four categories; physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. “Almost one in five children today has experienced serious physical abuse, sexual abuse or severe physical or emotional neglect at some point in their lifetime” [Safe Network, What is Safeguarding?, 2011]. When dealing with a safeguarding issue it is important not to stereotype

  • Ethical Concepts In Nursing

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    7. Ethical concepts (M8) Ethics can be said to simply mean a system of morally just ideologies. Individual’s ethical conception has a significant influence on their style of decision making and the manner they lead their personal lives. Ethics is concerned with what is good for individuals and society and is also described as moral philosophy. Some basic ethical concepts include individual’s rights, autonomy, Justice, Fidelity, Veracity and acting in the best interest of individuals/ clients. CRITICAL

  • Primary Nursing Care

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    Primary nursing care is something that is evolving and becoming more integral in the wider nursing world. Each primary care team is essential in the early detection of illness and the prevention of hospital admissions. Each primary care team is planned to be part of a wider network known as the Health and Social Care network with community nurses being very central in this network. The aim of the primary healthcare team is to provide services which are accessible, high quality and meet the needs

  • Professional Reflection In Nursing

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    Professional reflection plays vital role in nursing practice. Young nurses and nurses who deal with the emotional conflict or face situations they think were hard on them are encouraged to undergo professional reflection. There are many reasons why this process is used in nursing. Nurses are responsible for providing the best care to their patients. This process can help them ensure that their knowledge is up