Nursing Reflection Paper

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It has been busy two sets of clinical so far. The unit was completely full of 10 patients plus 2 patients located on the acute care floor. The 2 patients who were located on the acute care floor were there due to medical issues but later was discharged from psychiatry and remained on the acute care floor. One patient was admitted to psychiatry for lack of beds on the acute care floor. The patient is known person with a mental health diagnosis and had previous admissions to the unit. The patient had a medical diagnosis of colon cancer and was deemed palliative. I found this to be very inappropriate placement for the patient to be, the patient should be on an acute care floor not a psychiatry unit. There is another patient who is currently admitted to the unit and…show more content…
I learned that the patient had fixed delusions of being pregnant when she is not and doesn’t have no understanding of consequences of her actions. As the day progressed, the patient became more intrusive at the nursing station. Pt constantly wanting to go on grounds passes every 30 minutes, we had to keep reminding the patient that she had to wait for the whole duration of one hour. Where the window of the nursing station that allows that patients to communicate with the staff was near the computer I was using to do my charting of my assessments. When trying to chart on my assigned patients, the patient would constantly be being vocal about various issues such as changing of her medications, changing her grounds passes to unaccompanied passes, seeing her assigned doctor right that moment, and not wanting to see the psychiatrist due to liking him. Each staff member took a turn answering the patient by explaining the assigned doctor will see her in the mornings and to discuss the medication changes with him. Every time the patient want to go for a ground pass when the hour was up, we had to redirect her to other activities but the patient would start mad at the staff. By lunch
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