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PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND FOUNDATIONS OF PRACTICE OCT4006-D For this reflection, I will be discussing the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) at my placement and the role of the Occupational therapists (OT) within the MDT. The model of reflection I will be using is the Rolfe et al (2001), which consists of three questions: What? So what? Now what? What? The MDT at my placement consists of OT’s, Consultants, Memory Support Workers, Health Support Workers (HSW), Psychologists and Social Workers. The MDT at my placement communicated via verbal communication such as face to face meetings, group discussions and telephone conversations. Also, the MDT used non-verbal communication such as emails, letters and electronic reporting systems. The key service…show more content…
An internal electronic referral system is used to inform and refer patients to other health professionals within the MDT. At my placement, a referral is put into place when the nurse thoroughly reads the notes and is convinced the patient requires the assistance of an OT. The referrals were added to the list which was presented to the MDT at a weekly meeting. During this MDT meeting, the client’s needs were discussed and ranked according to the urgency and their needs. The MDT used this method to decide if the SU required an OT urgently or other members of the team can assist the SU. Before the OT left for an assessment, she read over the previous notes inputted onto the system, this allowed the OT to understand her patient before the assessment. When the OT and myself and arrived at the SU home there was an HSW already present. Although the joint visit was not planned, it benefited the OT and the SU. It was an effective visit because the SU was not panicked or uncomfortable, as she was around a familiar person. The HSW was able to provide more detailed information about the needs and problems the SU is facing daily. It also allowed me and the OT to build a good rapport with the SU, as the same questions were not repeated because they were discussed with the HSW. This shows the OT and the HSW were collaboratively working as a team and liaising with one…show more content…
The information gained by the HSW was verbally communicated with the OT before discussing further details with the SU. Also, I have learnt that the online system allows the staff members within the MDT to view their patients’ notes and when changes are made they instantly update. As it was published in the health and care professions council guidance on conduct and ethics, you should make sure that the records you keep are clear and accurate (Guidance on conduct and ethics for students, 2001). The means the patient information must be accurately inputted by all members of the MDT and frequently updated. Another lesson I learnt from the MDT meetings is the discussions taking place must be clearly communicated, and everyone present should be heard when a suggestion is made. Also during the MDT meeting, at least one member from each profession must attend to ensure all the professionals are updated about the referrals. This is so the members do not miss vital information about the SU or delay the assessment process due to a lack of patient information. They must also ensure they are punctual, which means all the members arrive at the meetings on time to avoid

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