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  • Career Choice In Nursing

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    overcrowding), and perceived feelings (fear, despair, frustration). Her study most closely follows the direction of this study. She ultimately recommended nursing education confront the problems of generalist nurses working with mentally ill patients by adding coursework related to communication, assertiveness, psychiatric nursing information, and nursing practice. She also recommended that nurses receive continuous support from their department managers in working with this population. Ross & Goldner

  • Stretching In Nursing

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    Pregnant women get recommendations from their obstetricians and gynecologists that it is important to stretch an exercise during their pregnancy. Exercises and stretches continue to help improve overall health as well as increase strength, and endurance during labor and delivery. Women who have stretched and exercise throughout their pregnancy also are better able to ensure the rigors of early motherhood. Stretching enhances flexibility and prevents muscles from tightening. Although the body continues

  • Personal Experience In Nursing

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    There has always been something alluring changing that. For in a world of ever-increasing entropy, what’s so seductive of healthcare is the opportunity to transform crisis into something deliberate and meaningful. And through the past four years, nursing is how I have become a part of that day and the method by which I seek to make it right. Leaving campus last December, I drove past the UNG arch and spotted an elderly woman there with her family. She was leaning forward with her right fist clutched

  • The Importance Of Leadership In Nursing

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    Leadership involves bringing people together and motivating them to accomplish specific set goals (Plonien, 2015). Leadership in nursing is a critical field that is needed in the nursing profession and patient care (Plonien, 2015). Exceptional leaders in the nursing profession are required to motivate the staff to provide patient-centered care and increase their productivity in providing patient care (Plonien, 2015). Several specific qualities are necessary for effective leadership that differs

  • Types Of Care In Nursing

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    2. Patient care - Patient Care is the services rendered by members of the health professions for the benefit of a patient. See also treatment. acute care see acute care. admission care in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as facilitating entry of a patient into a health care facility. Types of Patient Care-There are several different types of care for patients, depending on their need. Types of patient care are listed below. Click on the type of care to see

  • The Importance Of Nursing Leadership

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    A treatise on leadership within healthcare has many dimensions. A comprehensive review of the following realms can help illustrate the functional domains of nursing leadership: Innovation, Change Management and Systems Thinking, Communication and Emotional Intelligence; Conflict Resolution; Policy and Advocacy; Decision Making; Organizational Climate and Culture; Influence Vs Power & Leadership and Management; Fiscal Responsibility; Retention and Succession Planning; Quality and Safety; Professional

  • Learning In Nursing Students

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    Introduction: Learning in the practice setting is an essential component in the education of nursing students (Perry,2009). The aim of this learning is to enable students to achieve the domains of competence and become safe, caring, competent decision makers willing to accept personal and professional accountability for evidence based nursing care (ABA 2000). Preceptors are registered nurses responsible for supporting students to achieve competence within the clinical setting (Frazer et al, 2014)

  • Vital Signs In Nursing

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    CONCEPT 3 VITAL SIGNS This concept is taken from module 2 titled vital signs assessment techniques Vital signs are observation made by nursing staff it is an act of assessing circulatory, respiratory and endocrine body functions it include temperature pulse, respiratory rate blood pressure oxygen saturation and pain Temperature is hotness or coldness of body as compared with standard scale it the normal temperature is 36.8 to 37.2 It can vary with different condition like during menstruation

  • The Importance Of Care For Nursing

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    England’s Chief Nursing Officer, Jane Cummings launched the 6Cs which was set out to allow for nurses and midwives to be able to provide the best possible care for others. Each C carries equal weight therefore by encouraging the 6C’s, it helps patients to be independent, improve health and provides a positive environment (Department of Health, 2012). The 6Cs include: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. Care is a fundamental element from the 6Cs which will be examined

  • Nursing Career Paper

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    your professional career, you are inspired by the leaders who are on the same professional field. Leaders are those who have accomplished something and made a difference. The aims of this paper is to get insight of how would be my future step in nursing administration career through going on two profiles in executive leaderships. The first leader is the United States Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek Hallegere Murthy. He is an internal medicine physician and clinical instructor who has spent over