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How do we take care of our elderly loved ones? While they age, they become less able to do the things they used to do on their own, may it be a personal routine or simple activities like shopping for their needs, walking around, or simply taking care of themselves. With our busy lives, many would opt for the easy way out, which is to put our elderly in a nursing home where they can be medically attended to by professionals. Putting your grandparents or older relatives in a nursing facility has its advantages. First off, it can be beneficial if they need proper medical care and attention. After all, medical professionals and caregivers can provide them with the health care they need. Living in such homes is also an opportunity to meet other elders, a…show more content…
If this seem too difficult (time restraints, lack of privacy, or simply lack of people who can take care of them, for instance), you can always hire an in-home caregiver. You can also choose to give them their own space, say a granny flat that is just outside your house and on your own backyard. So what are granny flats? It's actually a term among many terms, some of which are carriage homes and portable homes. Simply put, these are just small houses that can serve as the a private space for the elderly. You can have them installed alongside your home or opt for connecting doors between your house and the flat so you can easily attend to their needs anytime. Such flat can come with the essential rooms in a typical home -- a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining area, as well as the living room. They can be designed according to the needs and specific requirements of the occupants. With their own home that's relatively close to their family and relatives, our elders may feel more valued and taken care of with them still being able to enjoy independence most of the

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