Primary Nursing Care

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Primary nursing care is something that is evolving and becoming more integral in the wider nursing world. Each primary care team is essential in the early detection of illness and the prevention of hospital admissions. Each primary care team is planned to be part of a wider network known as the Health and Social Care network with community nurses being very central in this network. The aim of the primary healthcare team is to provide services which are accessible, high quality and meet the needs of the local population. It is sometimes difficult to accomplish these aims, however it is the primary healthcare team’s responsibility to incorporate social determinants to establish the factors which put vulnerable populations at risk. Social determinants…show more content…
Hospitals, voluntary groups and community groups. Primary care works at decreasing hospital attendance and identifying and tackling critical local issues e.g. suicide prevention. For the purpose of this assignment I will examine different scenarios involving vulnerable populations while contributing social determinants into the central care of community nursing. Taking for an example an unhealthy family of four who live in poor housing and have little or no amenities. This impacts and has repercussions on their social and community networks. No community teams for children to play with and squalid surroundings leads to poor lifestyle and increase in BMI. Obesity is a major problem with little amenities and only fast food takeaways for the children. Furthermore diabetes and other health issues can feature heavily with this type of lifestyle. If the parents themselves are obese and suffer from diabetes and other hereditary factors like heart disease, this influences the children’s lifestyle choices hugely also. Also if this family had poor education they wouldn’t be able to make the right decisions concerning their health choices. This would…show more content…
This man suffers severely from COPD, his daughter devotes all her time to caring for her dad and is unemployed. They live in rented accommodation with bedrooms upstairs. COPD is in this man’s family, he has given up smoking however his daughter smokes. Housing is a major problem for this man, his COPD is worsening and his accommodation is not fit for a man with a chronic illness. He also has a stairs to climb when going to bed but he is causing himself respiratory distress when doing so. The community nurse can intervene by arranging for an occupational therapist visit to see how he copes with activities of daily living and can therefore make housing more adequate, e.g. bathroom downstairs. The nurse can also offer the daughter advice on smoking cessation, also advise her about cessation classes and how it is prone in her family and how it causes COPD. Due to the poor housing this has impacted on the quality of care the daughter can provide for her father. Social and community networks should know of this family’s situation and the help they need. The community nurse offers assistance and help in areas of education, environment and socio-economic factors. The nurse can offer support and guidance to this man and also give him advice on better sleeping techniques and breathing techniques so he can cope with his COPD better. The fact that the

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