Nursing Theory And Worldview

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The purpose of this paper is to describe my personal worldview on religion, spirituality, and culture, collaborate it with my choice of nursing theory that illustrates my philosophy in life and approach to patient care including their similarities. I will elaborate how my philosophy and nursing theory reinforce my perspective and decision-making towards my role as a future Nurse Practitioner. In this paper a specific example of my past or current practice will be point out and how my worldview and this nursing theory helped me in resolving the issues and problem that I encountered as a nurse. I will demonstrate, describe how my worldview and the nursing theory will assist me in the future as Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Personal Worldview…show more content…
Using Johnson’s theory, you will know the predisposing factors through comprehensive assesment the different factors that causes the behavioral system imbalance of these group of patients. The Post-Traumatic Experiences by the patients involve in wars causing them to have suicidal ideation (United States Department of Veterans Affair, 2017). The failure of the affiliative system which is the the establishment and connection of a strong social bond making them resort into alcoholism and drugs. As a Nurse Practitioners, you would protect the patient’s behavioral system by applying the three functional requirements of the theory. To protect the patient from noxious influences, nurtured them through the supplement of appropriate resources from the environment, and enhance growth and prevent stagnation (Petiprin, 2016). The Nurse Practitioner would refer and consult them to different organization and support group such as the Alcoholic Anonymous. For the different ethnical background, you can refer them to the appropriate organization like for example in California; there is a Latino Recovery Home for Alcohol and Drug Abuse as well as Sunrise House for Asian American.These kind of referal would help them adopt to the environment faster build strong bond with their own people who has an understanding of their own culture. Johnson’s theory makes you understand and empathize…show more content…
To avoid unconscious bias and not to impose my own personal view in providing care. As a future Nurse Practitioner, it will be part of my Assessment, History, and Physical, Progress Notes, Care Plan, and Treatment the patients Religion, Food preference, Cultural preference (Asian, Indian, Americans, Europeans, and Latinos), Ethnicity and Beliefs. So, what does it takes to have an impact in the life of a patient? Decapua stresses that these are the five characteristic to possess to be a successful nurse practitioner: Empathy, Enthusiasm, Tenacity, Creativity, and Integrity (Decapua,

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