Nursing Compassion Paper

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First and foremost good nurses can't be in it just for the money, if you can’t show compassion towards others, then nursing might not be a good career option for you because " patients are unique individuals, deserving respect and preservation of their dignity"(Culprit and Spencer-Adam, 2014, 579). And your beside manner could possible be the difference between life and death. Futhermost becoming a great nurse takes time and commitment. It calls for specialized training and a caring, nurturing personality. The article I chose to deliberate "Compassion is a ten- lettered word".(Culpritt & Spencer-Adams, 2014) discusses the importance of a nurse being able to put themselves in the shoes of a patient and not just identify the patient's medical needs but also be able to reach them emotionally. It explains that if patients don't believe you care, they won't trust the care they are receiving,therefore possibly hindering their healing process.Let's depict the word "Nurse",without looking at a dictionary I see a clear picture of my mom losing sleep because she's comforting me when I'm sick,I could see it in her eye's that my pain was her pain too and…show more content…
Competency ushers confidence and is a major factor in being able to help save lives or prevent a mistake or mal-practice suit.Doctor's and patient's need Nurses to be not only the support but the eye's and ear's of the healing process.Another excerpt from the article was a account about a Nurse who had a patient that was always angry and refusing care and how she patiently gained her confidence and found out that she was worried about her elderly mother not being taken care of while she was in the hosipital.(Culprit and Spencer-Adam,2014) explains that after the nurse looked into the mom being taken care of and let the patient know about her options, she no longer refused help and was able to recuperate better.Nursing is the key to
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