Certified Nursing Assistant

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My career is being certified nurse assistance. Nursing assistance provide care and perform giving task under the supervisions of a nurse or doctor. Somethings that nursing assistants do are answer patients call signals, help patients eat ,dress, and bath, server meals, turn and reposition them to prevent bed sores ,observe some of there conditions and report them to the head nurse, clean rooms and change linens for the next shift. Our job duties is very important because we want our paitients to feel as if they were at there own home and that they are safe while they stay in the facility. Most of all we want to make sure they are been treated with respect and they are getting the right kind of help they need. If working as a certified nurse assistance your…show more content…
To be a certified nurse assistance you must have completes a 12 week program which is offered at most community colleges or health care facilities. After completing the 12 weeks you must do 40 hour of clinical then you go and register to take the certification test to become certified nurse assistance. You have the hands on training and certified in order to work as certified nurse assistance. The best place to live when working in a field like a certified nurse assistance to make more money is up north because they offer more jobs and they have the best wages .in order to work as a certified nurse assistance you must have a high school diploma or GED. you must have completed a C.N.A program to work in that field in your state and have at least 75 to 150 hours in classroom and practical traing order to get the job as a certified nurse assistance. There are no additional trainings you have to you just have to renew your certification every two years so that they won’t over laps. Becoming a certified nurse assistance is a great thing because you are there helping someone that isn’t able to do for themselves
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