Nursing Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical dilemma in Nursing: Importance of nurses to model and articulate patient advocacy Skills Professional nurses participate as members of the medical team and use the skills of leadership, advocacy and collaboration to promote systemic change as appropriate to ensure optimum care for their patients. Autonomy is important in healthcare. Respecting and honoring a client wishes are imperative to becoming an exceptional effective advocate.1 According to an article written by Cindy Zolnierek, MSN, RN. Patient safety depends on nurse advocacy. Over 10 years ago, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) shocked the nation when it reported in To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System that an amazing 100,000 deaths each year were attributable to medical errors. In 2004, the IOM report Keeping Patients Safe: Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses highlighted…show more content…
According to the Journal of Advanced Nursing “Advocacy in nursing is recognized as a worthy activity and, according to the professional code of ethics, a moral imperative,”(H.Macdonald) A strong advocator will coach and teach the appropriateness of your actions, or thought patterns, and offer the occasional suggestions on how the family and patient can modify their care to emit a favorable outcome to all parties involved. Family members need to see nurses that are excited by challenges that they may face each day other than those that have thoughts of “oh dear not another one who’s.....". Advocators should have a positive attitude and are non-confrontational to exhibit good character attributes so that they are modeling appropriate behaviors to ensure the patient needs are met. A sense of adventure and desire should also be seen in an effective

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