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The purpose of this paper is to explain the meaning of the nursing metaparadigm. The nursing meteparadigm has four concepts that will be different from person to person, which includes the person, health, environment, and nursing. This is my personal nursing metaparadigm that reflects my thoughts on the four concepts. The main purpose for a nursing metaparadigm is to have a shared set of concepts that guides the care of nursing and ensure proper nursing care is being performed. My Nursing Philology Metaparadigm Berman and Snyder (2016) defines the term meta meaning “with” and paradigm meaning “pattern” (p. 38). The four concepts of the nursing meteparadigm include the person, health, environment, and nursing.…show more content…
This would include anyone around the person being giving care such as the family or the community as they can be affected in the care provided for a client. For example, a client receives education on the importance of receiving their annual flu shot, and the client shares the information they learned over dinner. Care to a individual client may consist of usual physical care for the clients personal condition, advice and/or guidance that is intended to influences a client or group’s health, and resources for a client or group such as education on disease prevention. All of these aspects can affect the individual person, group, and/or community state of body and mind. In addition, the person cannot be separated from health, nursing, or the environment and they all are important to understanding my nursing…show more content…
Illness is a state of sickness without health and health is a state of wellness without sickness. Illness is the opposite of health and both are in a tug of war relationship in the individual. Illness can affect the person’s health by the body or the mind. A client’s health is defined by how they are feeling as a whole and can be broken down into the body and the mind. The physical body and the clients mind are intertwined and must both be taken into consideration when providing nursing care. Only the client can officially determine the true well being of their health. For instance, a client may be considered in poor health but tells the nurse he/she feels their health is excellent. The physical component of a client’s health can be assessed and measured to determine if in good standing. The spiritual component of a client’s health can and must also be assessed, but is cared for differently. For example, physical care may include bandage change of a wound, while the spiritual care may be therapeutic communication as a nurse is changing the bandage. An individual’s health is a multidisciplinary concept and can affect and is affected by many factors. Jarrin 2012, “The US National Institute of Nursing Research strategic plan states, ‘The science of health encompasses the investigation of multiple health determinants—including psychological, physiological,

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