Creative Writing: Things Fall Apart

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As the silence stretched on and more tears spilled down Amaimon's face the severity of the facts that his brother's refusal to answer outright screamed, sunk in. His eyes widened slightly and he stared just for a moment out the window at the head of his office "...I'm y-your...."'first...Samael...his very first, you took the last thing he had to himself and crushed it, just for your own sick purposes....' Why did that fact hurt. Why now did it change things. He had liked the idea of having stollen Amaimon's virginity just a few moments before, what made this moment any different. Mephisto tried to continue his stroking for a while longer, feeling Amaimon stiffen despite his obvious silent protests and listened closely to the…show more content…
At Amaimon's next words he could no longer keep up the lustful movements, his eyes catching the younger's own 'but even like me..' Did he? Could he? Wait a second, Mephisto shook his head, why was he even questioning that? He didn't like Amaimon, not at all, of course not. He wasn't some crazy fool who actually thought demons could love, or even become closely attached to one another. Everyone knew they couldn't, so why was he so confused now? He turned the earth King around suddenly, staring him hard in the eyes, searching for something, anything before he looked away, confusion lacing his voice as he spoke "....maybe ...I...maybe I..."'do' in the end he couldn't spit it out, since he himself didn't know if it was true. He spun the other back around quickly, pressing him hard to the desk. "Didn't I tell you not to ask questions?" He snarled, forcing himself to be mad, to continue his stroking, trying to defend himself " besides..." He murmured once that anger had left and his teasing movements once more fell back into a soft rhythm "'s...not like, you like me either..."after this, there was no way in hell he ever…show more content…
He had had no idea he could preform such a feet, having discredit such a theory long ago. Demons were meant for destruction, why would he be able to share a power that benefited him if all his life revolved around was hurting others. He should not have been able to heal or soothe the pains of another least that's what he's so recently though. Yet, there the power tingled, right at his finger tips as it left him and went to Amaimon instead. Amaimon's confusion was the same as his, looking over his body stunned, but when he spoke quietly, Mephisto gave no answer. His fingers drew away, his fist clenched, and for for a moment he felt ready to strike, to lash out and hurt the earth King again. He didn't, he held it back and it was one of the first times in his life he had no followed his instincts in such emotional turmoil. His nails bit into his palm, blood spilling from between his

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