Creative Writing: Young Louie Zamperini

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Young Louie Zamperini is the troublemaker of his town, running like the wind, and dreaming of hopping on a train and leaving town for good. His older brother Pete manages to turn his life around, translating Louie's love of running into track and field. Louie running records, goes to the 1936 berlin games, and is pushed by his brother to beat his record four minute mile. Louise has to put his running days on hold when the Second World War breaks out. Louise fills out a army questionnaire and forgets to check a box allowing the army to enlist his at any time. He and his crew, have a treacherous air battle in their plane, theSuper Man. But Phil's pilot skills and Louie's enables them to land the plane, even though it has over five hundred bullet holes. With the Super Man , the men are moved to another plane called the Green Hornet, a less reliable plane. The Hornet is shot down by the enemies over the Pacific. Only three men survive, Louise, Phil, and Mac. Phil wrestles with his guilt about crashing, Mac goes a little overboard, and Louie takes on a shark with his bare hands and eats its liver. Sadley there is a death at sea. Louie and Phil survive for forty six days, but then get…show more content…
Also, another moment I can connect to him is his love of running because one day i had found out my secret talent was running just like him. My parents kept urging me to join track because of the speed i had. When there were tryouts for the 100 meter race i tried out but did not make it. Instead of giving up i tried out for another even and made a spot in long jump. Just like Louise did, he didn't not give up in any circumstance and kept on trying. Also i can relate to the part of the story when Louise and two of his crewmates get stranded on a raft and catch a shark with their bare hands. I can relate to this because sometimes when I am fishing i stick my hand in the water and catch some fish by

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