Creative Writing: A Typical Day At Santa Catalina

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A Typical Day at Santa Catalina Can you imagine being at a boarding camp for the first five weeks of summer? Well I can. 7:30 wake up call the we head down to the dining hall for breakfast at 8:00. Then, just like school we would head down to our morning classes. Unlike most elementary schools we only had 6 periods a day. Musical theatre, diving, and ukulele are only a sample of classes I attended. Over all my favorite class was musical theatre. I love to act. The rush you get when you are being a person you aren't, memorizing each specialized lyric of pure poetry exclusively for your character, for you. Seussical Jr, the play I stared in at this camp so far from home. And for that five weeks I, was, Jojo. Because of Santa Catalina I now

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