Creative Writing: The Wall That Ruined Everything

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The Wall that Ruined Everything On August 13, 1961 at midnight, it happens. There is a banging noise outside. I get onto the ladder of the bunk bed I sleep on and climb down. I accidentally step on a toy that was left on the ground by my younger siblings. I could hear my little sister Anna breathing deeply as she sleeps at the bottom bunk. I walk to the door. I slightly open the door to see if anyone is outside. All of the lights are off. I open the door and walk out. I quietly down the stairs. I try to see where the sound is coming from. I walk over to the kitchen window and look out. A large brick wall is getting built in the middle of the night! I run upstairs quietly. I walk past the other bedrooms to my parents. I quietly open the door…show more content…
I am shocked. I don’t know how long it would be until I see my papa again. I creep into my bed to try to sleep. The next morning, I walk outside to meet with my friends Mallory, Lance , and Emma. There was a lot of people surrounding the wall. I find Mallory, Lance, and Emma in the crowd. “This is a wall to make sure no immigrants from the east come to here,” a soldier told us,”Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev and the East German leader Walter Ulbricht sought out a way to stabilize the economy here in West Berlin.” The soldier has a mean scowl on his face.” If you plan to go to the other side you would be arrested,” he adds. “It would be called the Berlin Wall,” was the last thing the soldier said about the wall. "Jetzt geh zurück in deinen Alltag und handle, als wäre nichts falsch,” demanded another soldier. ("Now go back to your everyday lives and act like nothing's wrong,") The streets start to empty. I really want to talk to my papa right now. “My dad, Axel, and Amelia are on the other side looking for jobs,”I mumble. “ They will be fine Addie,” Lance said comforting me. I need to find a way to get to the other side of the wall. Lance, Mallory, and Emma walk away to give me time by…show more content…
My mama comes to the door. “Addie Elizabeth Hoffman!” she shouts,” Where have you been?” I couldn’t speak. I did not like getting yelled at. “I found this little rascal snooping around in one of the watchtowers,” the soldier tells my mama. Her face is as red as a tomato. “Komm rein!” Mama demands. (Get inside) Mama speaks German when she is angry. I rush inside and into the kitchen. “Was hast du dir dabei gedacht?” She said. ("What were you thinking?") “I wanted to go find papa,” I mumble. I can’t believe my plan failed. “Geh in dein Zimmer!”Mama ordered. (Go to you room!) I cry all the way up to my room. Derek, Anna, and Emmet are playing in my room. “What’s wrong?” asks Anna and Emmet in unison. They tend to do that a lot since they are twins. “Nothing,” I reply. I sadly climb up the ladder to my bed and lay there looking up at the ceiling. Am I ever going to see Amelia, Axel, and Papa? Later in the day, Mama yells,“I am going out, Addie, watch your siblings until I get back and no going outside for all of you!” Now Derek, Anna, and Emmet are not able to go outside because of me. I go downstairs to the phone. I dial a number. It rings a couple times and then a sweet, soothing voice of a man answers the phone. “Hi Axel,” I

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