Essay On Why I Hate Writing

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I have never been the type of person who enjoys writing, in fact, for most of my life I've hated it. Through the years English has always been my least favorite subject because of my distaste for writing essays. I would always put off starting my essays until the day before, and because of that my grades would suffer. It wasn't until senior year of high school that I started actually trying to better myself as a writer. One of the essays that had a meaningful effect on me as a writer is my I believe in ghost essay I wrote in English 100. When I was young I believe one of the reasons I hated writing was because we were forced to write about something I didn't care about. I found myself only writing just to finish the assignment and I wasn't trying to improve my writing skills. I would only write one draft and that would be my final product, and the only changes I would make is any noticeable spelling or punctuation errors. Although that worked for high school I learned very quickly it wasn't going…show more content…
While writing on my I believe in ghost paper I was focusing on my punctuation and grammar. In high school my teachers didn't really push us to do our best on our papers, so all of my papers had many errors and I didn't know it. Now that I have multiple people looking for errors in my paper, I can find more errors and make myself a better writer by learning how to fix those errors. Even though I was writing about something I had a strong belief about, I still managed to make a large number of errors. I think the reason this happened was that I got lost in my typing and didn't think about grammar or punctuation. Grammar and punctuation are the most important aspects of writing, and those are the two things I have the most trouble with. This is a problem, so I've been trying my best to work on those areas, and my I believe in ghost paper has helped me the
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