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This is never ending... Old Mrs Clayton droned on about something involving the revolution, her words slowly fading away in the background while Xander zoned out. Nothing new on his behalf, in fact he was surprised he'd made it this far in his academics considering most of his time was spent daydreaming rather than actually learning. Though today was different, today his attention wasn't just elsewhere, it was with Buffy. He hadn't heard a single peep from her since that night at Angel's mansion. Xander had pulled an injured Giles from his doom while Buffy went face to face with her boyfriend who also happened to be a raging psychopath. He remembered catching one last glimpse of her before exiting the battle ground; words couldn't describe…show more content…
Where was Buffy? Why hadn't they heard from her yet? Was Angel still alive? Did Buffy manage to save him and now the two were off making up for lost time? Xander nearly rolled his eyes at that last one. He despised Angel and everything about him; Wherever Buffy was, he hoped it wasn't with Angel. In fact, a larger part of him wanted the vampire to truly be dead. He was like poison in Xander's opinion, eating away at anything good. Soulless or not, Angelus nor Angel was any good for Buffy or this town. "Colonists were frustrated because Britain forced them to pay taxes." The teachers words pulled Xander from his thoughts and he quickly sat up to find notes had been scribbled across the chalkboards, notes he himself was suppose to write down in his own notebook. "Crap" he whispered under his breath and quickly began catching up. Perfect his second day of school and already he was failing miserably. As he copied each sentience from the bored he developed a plan, tonight he was going to find Buffy. Wherever she was, he was going to seek her out and possibly scold her for making them all…show more content…
It was the last class of the day and so he opted to skip his locker trip and head straight for the library. As per usual Willow was already sitting in a chair when Xander walked in, a large leather bound book opened and laying on the table before her. "Watcha reading, Will?" He asked before plopping down in the chair across from her. He quickly took note of Giles rummaging around in his office but he had learned to not question the watcher anymore. "A spell book full of ancient rituals and ruins. Giles gave it to me for some light reading. It's really good." she finished her sentience with slight squeak of excitement and Xander raised a brow "You and I have two very different definitions of fun, Will" she huffed out a smile before replying "Speaking of fun. We have an essay due tomorrow and I noticed you haven't done a single thing. You might wanna get on that considering it's an important" Xander nodded and threw his backpack down upon the table. "Already on it. Why else would I be here? I don't usually hand here unless it involves a slayer and her monster pals. Speaking of slayer; have you heard from---" Willow stopped him before he could even finish "I haven't heard from Buffy. She'll show soon enough." She must have seen something in Xander's expression because she quickly offered a warm smile before continuing "She will be fine. There's no one more capable of taking care of themselves

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