Creative Writing: The Cold War

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“Hey James?” Tomas said as he stepped into the hovering helicopter with his rifle close to him. “What is it Tomas?” James spitted. “We are supposed to be silent!” James said. James also stepped in the helicopter and gave the signal to the pilot and they began to ascend into the sky. “Ok men,” said their Sergeant. “I need clean and fast kills for this mission, you need to infiltrate the enemy base and eliminate the Terrorist, and get out of there without being seen.” Tomas and James looked at each other like they would never see home again. The pilot interrupted the gaze of the two men and screeched “20 Minutes to Extraction Point!” Almost immediately, James and Tomas began to check their gear. Tomas made a list in his brain for everything he needs for the stealth mission. Rifle, check. Suppressor, check. Smoke grenades, check. Ghillie suit, check. James did the same thing but he has a different role in this mission, he is the spotter. Scope, check, Wind checker, check. Ghillie suit, check. The team was all in order and they began to creep closer and closer to the extraction point.…show more content…
“I guess we are on our own now.” Tomas stated. “Yup let’s get this mission done Tomas, silently.” James said annoyed. Once they turned around the church, they began to soak up their surroundings. It was a very dense jungle with clearings in which fields were planted for food. They began to walk like shadows, unseen, and undetected. They began to creep towards a wheat field where they would have to crawl through to get to their target. “Do you want to get elevation from the hill or through the field?” asked
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