Creative Writing: Empire Island

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When I opened my eyes, I was immediately confused. The first thing I noticed was the dingy wooden planks. Half of them looked like they would fall off any minute. As my gaze traveled I noticed great white sails and at the top of a mast, I saw a black flag with a skull on it. Then I the realization hit me. I was on a boat. But why? As I sat on the same wooden planks I had woken up on, I kept becoming more and more confused. I could not figure out why I, Princess Milena of Yeston, was on this dingy old pirate ship. After what felt like hours of coming up with reasons why I would be on this ship, a pirate with sandy blond hair and stunningly blue eyes came on to the top deck and introduced himself as Alistair. He offered me a sandwich that I took conscientiously and while I ate, he explained that he captured me and was using me…show more content…
Just beyond where we docked was an alluring waterfall and I could barely make out a rainbow on top of the waterfall. Palm trees littered the island and the shores were made of sharp rocks. Looking around, I noticed there was no one on the island. Turning to Alistair, I asked, “Who are you supposed to be trading me to?” Smiling deviously, Alistair replied, “No one. I’m here to be rid of you. No one knows this island exists so no one will ever know where you went. We want to get rid of the monarchy and our first step was to get rid of you.” I was then pushed to the side as he ran to his ship. Before I could catch up, Alistair seemed to be terribly speedy at running, the ship was beginning to turn away. In a final feeble attempt to sound brave, I shouted, “You’ll pay for this Alistair! You will pay!” Then, I collapsed into a heap on the rocks. Sobbing, I tried to convince myself that someone would surely find me. I was a princess, everyone was probably looking for me everywhere, but I knew it was no use. If what Alistair said was true, no one would ever find

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