Life Lesson: My Journey As A Writer

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Life Lessons When I think of my journey as a writer, I think of the life lessons I learned to get there. In life, you live and you learn. Well, hopefully you learn a thing or two while your feet are on the ground. One of the first lessons I learned was that life isn’t fair and doesn’t always play out accordingly to our plans. Another lesson I learned fairly quickly is that writing is a pain in the ass and it hurts. It hurts heads, feelings, and asses. While I’m up at 2 am finishing a paper I probably should’ve started three days prior, I realize my head hurts from thinking, my feelings are hurt from how awful it is, and my ass hurts from sitting for several hours and writing all day. Much like life, writing can also be exasperating and problematic. I know what you’re probably thinking when you read this, “Well why doesn’t she just stand?”. Think about that for a second. How many times have you walked into Starbucks and saw someone standing and typing while sipping their no foam latte or whatever tickles their fancy? Never? Yeah, never. No one does that. Writing is a vicious cycle of over flowing trash from your shitty rough drafts and Tylenol for those awful aches you get. In the same breath, I can also say…show more content…
When I discovered I wasn’t tall enough to be a pilot and I couldn’t stand anyone at my school, things changed. I graduated a whole semester early and threw myself right into college. This was a do or die situation for me. So far, I’m not sorry that I took the route I did. Being in college made me realize how much better it is after high school and life does go on. At the same time, it also made me realize what a pain it can be. I can’t write off my slow demise as a writer just yet. I’m not finished, it is just beginning. As much as this breaks my heart, it is

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