Art History

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  • Hermes And Theft Of Apollon's Cattle Analysis

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    Religions throughout history have greatly influenced societies cultures. Everything from architecture, to books, war and art. In relatively recent history you can see modern religious influence within the paintings, buildings and artifacts. Ancient mythology was no different. Civilizations during the time built and created many works of art to praise, tell stories or even function in rituals to their gods. One such example is this Caeretan Hydria Vase entitled, "Hermes & The Theft of Apollon's Cattle"

  • Helen Frankenthaler Visual Analysis

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    during the summer time. Frankenthaler was a second- generation Abstract Expressionist painter that gained fame after her creation of the color- stain technique in the 1950s. Frankenthaler attended Bennington College, where she received her Bachelor of arts in 1948. Her motivation led her to participate in several group shows in which she had her first solo exhibition in 1951. After her solo exhibition, her work started taking recognition, national and international. Large exhibition of her work took

  • Northern Renaissance Research Paper

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    Art Discovery Essay Throughout history art has always been a sign of the times. The art of the Middle Ages, Italian Renaissance, and the Northern Renaissance share many similar qualities, and yet each are unique in their own way. The political, economic, cultural, and religious aspects of a time period are reflected through its art, architecture, and literature. The works of art to be discussed and analyzed in this essay offer an insight

  • Why Is Cover Art Important In The Great Gatsby

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    pictures paint a thousand words, and they are right. Great artists all throughout history have expressed stories and lessons learned throughout their lives in one single painting. These paintings do not have to be in a large art gallery or be by the most sought after artists, as many of these artworks are right before your eyes. These works are on books everywhere expressed in what is known as cover art. Cover art is not simply to make a book look more appealing as many people may think, but one

  • Diego Rivera Research Paper

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    The Comparison of Francisco Goya and Diego Rivera When looking at art, some may see just a pretty colors or a piece of decoration, but in truth, most art has more depth than one could understand in a glance and often, art has served as a beacon of light and an expression of justice throughout history. Look at Francisco Goya who saw the horrors war and recreated it through paintings and etchings, forever preserving history in a visual format. Or Diego Rivera, who witnessed a revolution in his own

  • Egyptian Art Research Paper

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    Throughout the art history, there are similarities and difference from one culture to another. For example, when comparing the art of the Egyptians and the art of the Aegean. Within this you can see that there are some similarities with some of the materials used and how they portray things of their daily life. In the Egyptian art, most of the art has some type of connection between the rulers of that time period and their religion. For instance, in the painting “Presentation of Nubian Tribute to

  • Pablo Picasso Research Paper

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    Pablo Picasso was an important figure in American History because he impressed and impacted many people through artwork, he introduced a new way to paint and draw art, and he showed that anything could be a great canvas or inspiration for art. Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881. He was a born and raised in Malaga, Spain by his parents, José Ruiz y Blasco, and María Picasso y López. Pablo studied art at the Barcelona Academy of Fine Arts for about 4 years. Pablo was known at a very young

  • African Art Research Paper

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    The earliest forms of surviving African art are the rock carvings and paintings in Namibia. The artworks of the people present their beliefs in the power of the medicine men or shamans and in their interesting practices and rituals. The first known sculptures in Africa are by the Nok people of Central Nigeria, and they are molded out of clay in the form of human figures and heads. Many artworks didn’t survive due to the fact that they were made out of perishable materials such as wood, textiles,

  • Nietzsche's Views On The Creation Of The World

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    these aspects of the Apollonian and Dionysian worlds to intensify their artistic relation to life. He believes that these two “energies […] satisfy nature’s art impulses in the most immediate and direct way” (Nietzsche, 3). One single view alone is not enough to fully comprehend how the world came to be.

  • Cindy Sherman Essay

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    psychoanalysis through the lens of Cindy Sherman Art has opened its wings to many different perceptions over time due to dynamic changes in social cultures and technology. During 1500-1900 the era of traditional oil painting, the skill was valued and prized for the moment captured and poses it forever .The cultural presence of woman is still very different from a man. This all changed at the advent of the camera which has manipulated the way we look at art today. Some female artists began to project