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  • Three Functional Functions Of Film Title

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    First of all to achieve the aesthetic value with words. Key words should be sound and meaning beauty, expressive the expression of meaning. 3.1.4 The commercial value principle The commercial value principle film is a cultural and commercial art. Of course, business factors need to be taken into account in the translation of titles. First, it requires the translator to fully grasp the cultural characteristics and aesthetic interest of the target language, create the movie titles that audiences

  • Surrealism Movement In Art

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    Surrealism is probably my favorite movement amongst any art form – photography, painting, and sculpture. I believe that you can really feel what the artist is feeling or thinking when looking at these specimens. The fact that this art has survived for so long really tells you something about how people feel about it, and I believe that it will continue into future generations. This movement is very important to me – I can’t paint, or draw, or even edit a photograph beyond simple photo editing so

  • Postmodernism And Modernism

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    mid-1980s. Postmodernism is hard to define, because it is a concept that appears in a wide variety of disciplines or areas of study, including art, architecture, music, film, literature, sociology, communications, fashion, and technology. It's hard to locate it temporally or historically, because it's not clear exactly when postmodernism begins. BACKGROUND History on Modernism and Post Modernism Deutscher Werkbund (1907 to 1935) Deutscher Werkbund, English German Association of Craftsmen,  important

  • Singaporean Culture Analysis

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    cultural baggage. Since the start of the search of a Singapore design culture, artist, students and designers back then have difficulties finding hard to find inspirations for their works and as a young country, Singapore have very little culture and history to offer these people in need. As stated in the book, Cheng (Universality, 2007), states that a typical Singaporean designer/artist who are born

  • Hopeless Roy Lichchtenstein Analysis

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    POP ART “A “founding father” of Pop Art” (Hendrickson, 2016), Roy Lichtenstein, is famous for his series of boldly- colored paintings which parodied comic strips and advertisements. Thanks to his works, he was recognised as a leader in the American art world. Hopeless, one of his paintings on miserable women, is in the collection of the Kunstmuseum Basel. It was finished by Lichtenstein in 1963. The idea was mainly ‘derived from a frame of "Run For Love!" in Secret Hearts, no. 83 by Tony Abruzzo’

  • Malaysia New Media Art Analysis

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    Diversity in Malaysia New Media Art Abstract - New media art involve with blurring feature, since no divisions of disciplines. Consequently, allow the difficulty to appreciate as an art piece. Thus, this discussion attempts to introduce the involvement of varieties discipline into it, and to glimpse the gist toward the understanding of new media concept. Therefore, selection of artworks as a sample to analyze, thus introducing to some New Media artwork in Malaysia Modern art. Subsequently, these papers

  • Emerging Artist Essay

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    the National Art Gallery to mengcungkil young talents or emerging artist in the employment of them. In addition, the Young Contemporaries is a competition held by the National Art Gallery, which represents the government in the search for young visual artist. Following an increase in the number of artists young who have passed out of the institutions of art where they need spaces that specializes in show abilities and introduce creativity employment of them in public, the National Art Gallery (NAG)

  • Appropriation Art Analysis

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    copyright infringement within the context of appropriation art and intellectual property theft and how could it be better used to protect independent designers? The purpose of this essay is to explore both the legalities of copyright within the design industry and how we might draw our own moral conclusions as to what is an acceptable level of appropriation. I will compare and contrast the various levels of design theft by looking at appropriation art, both historically and in a contemporary context, along

  • Trip To Penang Essay

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    for foodies, nobody would blame you if you spent much of your stay trying out the fabulously delicious array of cuisine! A wide assortment of beautiful religious buildings dedicated to various faiths, gorgeous colonial architecture, striking street art, lovely beaches, and stunning national parks should, however, be enough to tempt you away from the food courts and street sellers for a while. Make the most of your stay in Penang and be sure to tick some of these highlights off your list: 1. Kek Lok

  • Ancient Indian Crafts

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    lasting, decorated with pieces of glass paint and relief work. Today paper mache is a commercial craft used in marriages, decorations, pops and back drops for Jhankis (Festive Occasions) j) Blue art pottery-The Persian art of glazed blue pottery found its way to Jaipur via the Moghul courts. Later the art was revived with the help of Master Craftsman Kripal Singh Shekhawat. Especially notable are the painted tiles, vases, bowls, soap dishes and door knobs. k) Metal craft- Damascening, Lac coloring