Art History

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  • Old Javanese Ramayana

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    accompany the heroes of the story and caricature their behaviour in comical and ironical ways. The best known of these figures is Semar. In Old Javanese texts the panakawan do, however, not appear; they seem to be a specific creation of the performance art of wayang; only the Sudamala story features the panakawan Semar. Candi Jago has depictions of seven different narratives, not all of them showing panakawan figures. Another characteristic wayang feature is the depiction of the hairdo of the heroes,

  • Computer Games Case Study

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    regulating the market of computer games , explore , especially corporate image , positioning in the market , as well as the publisher’s relationship with the consumer . The second aim is the similarity search between computer games and other forms of art and the proof of this statement . I will look at unique features of creation of game products as well as manufacturers and their relationship with the public . Also I will analyse the main factors on shaping the attractiveness of the product to the

  • The Three Causes Of Art

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    Abstract art is the product of three causes during the birth of the 20th century. The aftermath of the first world war, new scientific advancement and innovation in art theory contributed to the birth of total abstract. The first cause was the aftermath of the first world war. Prior to the war the majority of the European populous had a strong sense of nationalism as a result European countries were compete to become the most influential nations of the 20th century instead of co-operating. This

  • The Importance Of Rockism

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    The purpose and significance of art is highly debatable for the reason that defining it can be a great challenge. Aesthetic essentialists argue that all works of art need to have a set of shared properties, while anti-aesthetic essentialists argue that there is no such set of qualities that ties all forms of art together. Before understanding if art requires shared properties or not, it is essential to understand those who makes art: artists. Artists follow aesthetic essentialism in that every artist

  • Importance Of Art Therapy

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    Aristotle: “Aim of Art Therapy is to present outwards appearance of things as well as inner significance.” Art Therapy or an expressive therapy is a therapy in which, through art or drawing a person expresses his feelings, emotions and thoughts. It is a process in which thinking and observation is separated. Floating thoughts of mind is called as thinking and observation is known as creation of thoughts in mind. For mentally ill patient expressing his emotions and feelings is not very easy. So this

  • Burnt Feld Analysis

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    Moreover, different techniques have been to represent the Australian Landscape, William has used splattering, dragging oil with palette knife and the use of a paint bruit. In comparison, Possum has used dots on canvas, the traditional method of aboriginal art, also representing culture and tradition. Fred Williams’s representation in

  • Nelson Goodman's Theory Of Symbolism

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    Ways of Worldmaking (1978), Languages of Art (1968), and Of Mind and Other Matters (1984) encompass his innovative philosophical ideas. Goodman’s philosophy has inspired abundant subjects for discussion in researchers from every corner of the globe. However, his notions are still in a long wait to be received in all respects. The following have been chosen to illustrate the trace of Goodman’s thinking

  • Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper

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    Art, a graphic representation of reality from the perspective of an artist, if this is so then what do we call an art work that in its essence is an authentic art work and exist or began existing as one, but ends up as a stage prop? I will be discussing how the functions of authentic art works change into props and visual aids in Exhibition culture as opposed to being prized and valued pieces. I will be referencing Benjamin .W’s essay ‘The work of art in the era of mechanical reproduction’. The essay

  • Rhetoric In Art

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    Rhetoric is defined as an art of persuasion and has been used for a long time either when giving a speech, writing a text, or taking a picture. Due to the many changes over the years, it is only natural that it will further develop as an art. The conventions and rules simply add value to the art of rhetoric and the way in which it is currently perceived by changing and adapting over time. There are several ways to explain what an art is however; The Oxford Dictionary says art is ‘the expression or application

  • Opera Is Opera

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    Throughout its 400-year history, opera has often been viewed as exotic or strange. Yet, somehow, it has found its way to become loved by many people and has maintained itself in the realm of performing arts for years. Many well known composers and their operatic works such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) are infamous and still celebrated to this day. However, some people claim that opera is dying, but they may be missing a key point here, which is that opera has