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  • Carlos Chavez's Impact On Mexican Identity

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    Mexican Culture. The various art forms emphasized Symbolism and indianism while also using the history of Indian culture as motifs for their art. Firstly what arose was an exploration of the visual arts, which painters such as Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and David Siqueiros undertook. They were known as Los Tres Grandes and were commissioned by the government to create murals that would define Mexican identity. Not only were visual arts celebrated but musical arts were encouraged as well. Around

  • Importance Of Complex Wholes In The Arts

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    will be exploring are the natural sciences and the arts. In the natural sciences, complex wholes are understandings of

  • Why Is Chinese Food Better Than American Food

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    food ." . With a history that dates back to over 4,000 years Chinese food has / had always been considered an exquisite art form . Some might say that American food is better than Chinese food however they are incorrect . Chinese food is better than American food because of its history and their variety of cuisines from each region of China . One significant reason why Chinese food is better than American food is because Chinese food has a strong history . According to A History of Imperial Chinese

  • Art Of Disobedience

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    The Art of Disobedience: What the right way to disobey unjust authority is The morality of human behavior has often been challenged, regardless of its scale. Particularly, if they are requested improperly under the powerful authority, it is not easy to stick to their humanistic conscience and to disobey the inhumane authority. The case, “Fast Food Strip Research”, is a probative evidence of human behaviors that are highly influenced and modified by the power of situations in real life (McDonald video)

  • Bongbong In The Social Media Analysis

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    Bongbong in the Social Media Spectacle of the Millennials The creepiest horror shows in the TV spectacle, for me, are not shown during Halloween, but during election periods. It is when the typical series of advertisements suddenly turn into a marathon of the biggest horror shows of all time. The channels then are swarmed with onscreen villains, I mean politicians, who would disturb my sleep for a couple of nights. Out of these horror shows, Bongbong Marcos’ “Tayo ang Bukas” ad tops my list of

  • Architecture Purpose Statement

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    INTRODUCTION Architecture is art you can experience by moving through its space. Christopher Wren once said, 'Architecture aims at eternity'. I can think of no better way to achieve eternity than to help create buildings of tomorrow that preserve the ideas of today. Ultimately, we are judged by what we leave behind. I believe that dreams are the foundations for success, but one can only build success with creativity and logic, especially when art can be so subjective. I can’t think of a better way

  • Mythology In Greek Mythology

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    Greek mythology is the collection of myths and teachings concerning the gods and heroes, as well as the origins and the significance of the traditions and rituals. Greek myths were evolving creations, constantly adapting themselves in the different periods of times. "In ancient Greece, as in other traditional societies, these tales existed only in the poetic or artistic forms in which they were set down" (Calame 2009, preface). The archeology findings are a principal source of the comprehension of

  • Parrsi Religion In Pari

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    This thing is yet not sure but due to the reason he is a very respectful person in the history of Parsi and their community. Parsi Religion Parsi, they basically and seriously strictly follows the religion of Zoroaster, a prophet of the seventh century Before Christ from the region between Hind Kush and Seista. Their belief system includes

  • The Importance Of Culture

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    societies and of different times. We link ourselves to the buildings around us a lot more than we think. The concrete jungle that we live in now is part of our modern nature and the information it provides us with should be cherished. Secondly, the arts and intellectual achievements embedded in the culture. Being part of a culture also means to participate in the passing down of knowledge, may it be tradition, information, documents that regard religion, science,

  • Latin American Cinema Analysis

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    The different and complex histories of the Cold War period and the civil conflicts it generated brought unfathomable bloodshed and misery to the region: torture, forced disappearance, exile, and myriad other types of human rights violations. From the pain of exile, state terror, and