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  • The Importance Of Art In Art

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    person there are times that occur more than I would like where I do end up feeling horrible. During these times that contrast greatly with my usual state, there is usually one thing that I can use to drown out the world when it feels too overbearing; art. Art has been something that has always come naturally to me even if I may not be as good as those who have been able to take lessons in order to become closer to professionals in terms of skills. This, however, does not prevent me from wanting to relentlessly

  • Song Of The Pick Analysis

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    “In Sekoto’s works of the early 1940s, such as Street Scene, bustling African figures are placed in the context of their often denuded environment, while Yellow Houses (the first work by a black artist bought by the Johannesburg Art Gallery), reduces the human presence, focusing instead on the environment itself. In Song of the Pick, naturalism gives way to severe stylisation: a rank of workers wield picks in unison, forming a powerful image of African labour; a white overseer’s

  • Analysis Of Tadanori Yokoo's Avant-Garde Movement

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    style of art crafted by the influences socially and culturally. In the 1960s, artists such as Tadanori Yokoo was affected during the post-war period, where in the poster “Koshimaki-osen” was influenced by the movement such as avant-garde where the avant-garde movement and the counterculture arises in the heart of Japan. Tadanori Yokoo’s work explores around all things avant-garde with his subversive, autobiographical and playful style of art crafted by the influences socially

  • Limitations Of Performing Arts

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    I. Introduction Performing arts are art forms that artists convey their artistic expressions with their voice and/or the movements of their bodies to the live audience. Performing arts may include music, dance, theatre, musical theatre, opera, magic, etc. Among these performing arts genres, music has a very long history; it is an art form that uses sound as the medium. Every performing art has a characteristic of one-time, meaning that performing arts cannot be existed in the form of physical substance

  • Essay On Knowing History

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    “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” This a famous quotes by Marcus Mosiah Garvey, who was a proponent of black nationalism in Jamaica and especially the United States. Knowing history is not a pleasure for the historians, but also for every individual who have a past life. This intense quote helps us to question our self, like “what is the use of knowing history”, “why do I need to know my roots”, “it isn’t enough knowing my great

  • Essay On Mass Media

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    “Mass media provides the essential link between the individual and the demands of the technological society (Ellul, 2001).” As Ellul (2001) stated, he further insinuates that the need to establish the connection between humans and their needs were compelled to, hence, the conception of mass media. Furthermore, mass media was introduced to rapidly relay certain news, information and   nn        entertainment to a vast majority of individuals in a prompt technique. Significantly, Rani (2014, para.

  • Role Of Media In The Media

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    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction In the current media world, human beings are dragged and fascinated by different media outlets. Public ingestion of the media has enlarged since the origin of various new channels of new media. Therefore, the audiences have multiple choices to consume media content. For example taking various kinds of electronic media content consumed widely by the people, has immense implications in society. Media content always contain realist effects by imbibing

  • Essay On Architectural Drawing

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    functional to society, space, the core of architecture must be applied. Because without space, not only the people will be uncomfortable with the structure but it could make architecture meaningless. Designing architecture does not only revolves to art, it also revolves to science; which

  • Analysis Of Piss Christ And Serrano

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    characters of Christ such as dignity and royalty. However, the gold colour is the reflection of the yellow urine, which instead of giving Christ the royalty; it instead strips him the dignity. Additionally, the artist included the colour red at the bottom art of the cross. Red may symbolize love because Jesus died for the sins of humans, however, red could also symbolize anger, and maybe the artists had some anger towards Christ at the time he made the artwork. Piss Christ is therefore a controversial piece

  • Importance Of Memes On Millennials

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    to death. On the contrary, others believe that memes are a form of art, open to interpretation. Memes are beneficial to millennials because they provide an outlet for them to be creative, they connect others socially through humor, and they can help comfort those who suffer from mental instability. Perkins, a college student, writes about how they consider memes to be a form of art and self-expression in the article “Memes are Art.” They argue that memes fit the dictionary definition