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The Comparison of Francisco Goya and Diego Rivera When looking at art, some may see just a pretty colors or a piece of decoration, but in truth, most art has more depth than one could understand in a glance and often, art has served as a beacon of light and an expression of justice throughout history. Look at Francisco Goya who saw the horrors war and recreated it through paintings and etchings, forever preserving history in a visual format. Or Diego Rivera, who witnessed a revolution in his own country and was often inspired to create murals based off of the injustice in his own country. Even though these artists were born on different continents and in different centuries, they both have several things in common: there passion for art, culture…show more content…
He began his art career studying in Paris and was influenced by Pablo Picasa, however he later went to Italy and that is where he studied frescos and later combined the two art styles when he began creating murals for the Mexican government. He is most famous for his murals, even at one point in his life being commissioned by the Rockefellers and for the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It is at the Museum of Modern Art where he created a series of murals which included Agrarian Leader Zapata…show more content…
Francisco Goya was a court painter however did not agree with the rule, and oppression of the Spanish monarch and once the French Monarch fell he had hoped it would lead to equality in his own country. But when Napoleon did invade, he further mistreated the Spanish people who eventually rose up to fight for their freedom. As quoted by Paul Bouvier , “By showing the horror and devastation of armed violence, the resulting dehumanization, and the distress and suffering of the victims, he denounced the consequences of war and famine and the ensuing political repression. Goya’s lucid, compassionate, yet uncompromising depictions of war and its consequences are not only unique but also highly relevant today. His work is also an outcry and a plea for acts of humanity in the turmoil of armed

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