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The earliest forms of surviving African art are the rock carvings and paintings in Namibia. The artworks of the people present their beliefs in the power of the medicine men or shamans and in their interesting practices and rituals. The first known sculptures in Africa are by the Nok people of Central Nigeria, and they are molded out of clay in the form of human figures and heads. Many artworks didn’t survive due to the fact that they were made out of perishable materials such as wood, textiles, plants and leather. The ancient Egyptians that belonged to the western tribes greatly influenced the art history. Around the 10th century, in the regions within the sub-Saharan Africa, a more elaborate way of producing crafts were introduced. Among…show more content…
People were thought to have arrived in North and South America from Asia when glaciers of ice created a land bridge across the Bering Straight. After these ice bridges melted, the bands of hunters who had traveled across in the pursuit of game were cut off from the rest of the world until the 15th Century CE. Due to this isolation, the people of the Americas experienced a cultural and agricultural transformation, settling in areas for extended period of time to plant crops and domesticate animals. They mainly grew corn, beans, and squash.The people of this new world domesticated many animals such as dogs, turkeys, llamas, and alpacas.Some of the cultures included in the art of Americas include the Olmec, Maya, Aztec, Pueboloan, Izapa and the Inca besides the North American Natives. The art of the Americas had a lot of variety and complex styles. Items include basketry, pottery, textiles, and small sculpture. There are many fine examples of Pueblo pottery from this early period including exceptional Zuni storage jars. The collection of North American baskets is also comprehensive and includes many excellent examples, including a number of Pomo feather baskets. The Mesoamericans started the America’s art in a very complex way, and they developed writing, astronomy, an accurate calendar and math. Their art tends to focus on stylized but naturalistic faces and figures. They also built monumental ceremonial

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