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  • Fly Me To The Moon Analysis

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    1. Painting portrait: An experiment Instruction: The main idea of this experiment is to find the different expression from friends and strangers which have similar backgrounds and under the same communication context – which formed a “tradition” in our society. To paint “me and the feeling you caught up from me” as the theme, which the whole process will be recorded as the test result. Methodology: On the day that the experiment was performed, four friends were invited. Two of them were familiar

  • Cultural Impact On Dada

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    Dadaism was an international art movement that took place between 1915 and 1922. "Dada" which some say means "hobby horse" in French and others think is just baby talk, was the catchphrase that made the least amount of sense, so "Dada" it was. Dada began in Zurich and became an international movement. It had only one rule: Never follow any known rules. Dada art is nonsensical to the point of whimsy. Almost all of the people who created it were ferociously serious, though. Abstraction and Expressionism were

  • Summary Of Kandinsky: The Philosophy Of Art

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    “The true work of art is born from the Artist: a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes a personality, an independent subject, animated with a spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being”(Kandinsky as cited by Solso, 1996). This Kandinsky quote describes precisely his philosophy for art. Kandinsky's artwork can be classified into four groups which are lyrical, geometrical, humanistic and realistic.

  • Taste In Aesthetics Essay

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    Evaluate the role of taste in aesthetics. While talking about the art and aesthetics, one of the biggest dilemma which everyone encounters is the choosing a proper approach for formulating aesthetic statements. The classic, and probably most well-known, approach is referring to beauty as the key feature of aesthetics. However, there is a problem with treating beauty as a theoretical term which may be used for an evidence-based discussion. This is the reason why the term taste is a common trope when

  • Essay On Arts Education

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    “The arts, it has been said, cannot change the world, but they may change human beings who might change the world” (Greene). Years of research has shown the connection between practicing the arts and being better at things like math and reading in school. Without the arts schools are simply asking students to sit around and do things they are just not interested in, the arts teach students about the importance of doing something they love and having that link to something special. Not only does arts

  • Mrs Dalloway Importance Of Language

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    to express their thoughts; however, the confines and limits of language without fails finds a way to make its presence known. For example, language barriers and the limits of vocabulary—the list is endless. Art is the next level of communication,

  • Importance Of Art Education Essay

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    Art Education Introduction The once bare walls were now splashed with the vivid colors of the students’ art. Though the room appeared plain from a glance, it was contrasted by the students’ creative masterpieces. With further investigation, the room wouldn’t look as plain as it seemed; paint splattered the floor, graphite smeared every surface, and canvases lined the desks full of unfinished work. The imaginative creativity and devotion was evident on the thoughtful, fresh faces of the students that

  • The Importance Of The Arts In Our Society Today

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    The arts are a necessary part of our society today. Music, art, drama, and dance are all forms of art that allow children and teens to socialize with others that have similar interests, and also give them something that they can enjoy and be passionate about. These are not the only benefits of having a child participate in the arts though. Studies have shown that the arts are able to improve scores in core school subjects such as math, reading, writing, and language, as well as keep a higher percentage

  • Descriptive Piece Of Art

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    successful piece of art because it gets people to let their minds wander and think about what the possible meanings are behind the art. An effective piece of art also catches and keeps audience’s attention, which this one definitely does. And it also lets the audience feel something to the piece. This abstract drawing gets the audience to think about what the artist is trying to show to the public. The odd shapes and its diversity get the gears in heads to turn.

  • Reflection Paper On Art Museum

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    On Sunday eighteen in 2018 I visited the Museum of Fine Arts, the atmosphere of the museum was crowded than I expected for a Sunday. It is my fifth time in the Art Museum and did not realize different cultures that apply today in society. Furthermore, there was a fashion gallery showdown, the reason for a crowded atmosphere. The atmosphere was casual because the crowd dressed casually. As I was walking around the different exhibits I could hear people talk but it did not make the crowd noise. Although