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Jacob Leff Art Discovery Essay Throughout history art has always been a sign of the times. The art of the Middle Ages, Italian Renaissance, and the Northern Renaissance share many similar qualities, and yet each are unique in their own way. The political, economic, cultural, and religious aspects of a time period are reflected through its art, architecture, and literature. The works of art to be discussed and analyzed in this essay offer an insight into the lives of people during these eras. “The Little Garden of Paradise”, a classic painting by an unknown artist of German descent, created during the late Middle-Ages (1410-1420), depicts the life of people during that time. The painting, much like other paintings of its time, has the presence of The…show more content…
While heavily influenced by the Italian renaissance artists, northern Renaissance painters tended to work on oil and panels as opposed to canvas and frescos. Near the end of the renaissance, in the late 16th century, the protestant movement in their religious works influenced northern renaissance painters. An important distinction of Northern renaissance art is the attention paid to detail, and the use of distortion to depict perspective. The “Adoration of the Magi” painted by Albrecht Durer in 1504 is an oil-on-wood depiction of the classic nativity scene. What makes this work representative of the time period is the attention to detail and its realistic human characteristics. Many of the northern royalty commissioned these types of works for display in the protestant churches in their castles. The Northern Renaissance, although similar to the Italian Renaissance there are distinct changes in how people and objects are

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