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  • Celia A Slave Book Analysis

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    Celia, a Slave, written by Melton McLaurin, who was previously a professor of history at the University of North Carolina, is a nonfiction book first published in 1991. It explores the trial and execution of Celia, who was a slave in Callaway County, Missouri. She would eventually kill and burn her master. It revolves around the history of slavery in the United States during the 1840s and 1850s. While there are many historical events in the book to examine, McLaurin distinguishes the Missouri Compromise

  • A History Of The World In 101/1 Analysis

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    Transformation of the Idea of History in A History of the World in 101/2 Chapters The usual understanding of history as a phenomenon is mostly abstract. Some people would define history as a consequence of dates when great battles took place and Monarchs finished their reigns with mysterious deaths. The history of the world is usually narrowed to numbers, names, toponyms and – what is significant – books. Not only textbooks on history, but literature itself represents history through words and pages.

  • Narrative Essay About Music

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    come together for any reason music is there, weddings, funerals, graduations, a night out with friends a romantic dinner as well as sporting events to name a few, we all have a soundtrack to our lives. My interest and experiences with music and art has lead in the direction of visual music. Visual music is the use of musical structures

  • Modernism In Modern Art

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    FIGURE 2 : HENRI MATISSE (1869-1954) 'The Open Window, Collioure', 1905 (oil on canvas) CUBISM; was the first style of modern art as cubists paintings ignored the traditions of perspective drawing and show many views of the subject matter, therefore cubists believed that the traditions of the western art had become exhausted as they drew on the expressive energy of art from other cultures, however there are two distinct phases of the cubist style such as Analytical cubism (-pre 1912) and synthetic

  • Modernism In Contemporary Art

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    The vigorous evolution of Chinese contemporary art in the last thirty years has incorporated a decent number of art works that could draw connection to the styles of western avant-garde. Although having been formed and developed in an incredibly fast speed, the stylistic connections could not be purely interpreted as the reconstruction of existing western concepts or elements. Rather, the ways and extents that Chinese artists relate themselves to the western styles could vary. While some might have

  • Art: Empowerment In Art

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    Empowerment in Art: The meaning of the word culture changed through the years, it is derived from the Latin root colere, meaning to "inhabit, cultivate, or honor" (Wikipedia, 2005). Now, it refers to the social behavior and norms found in human societies and the way of life of people at a particular time (Cambridge dictionary). Human beings contribute to culture either consciously or unconsciously, some people choose to contribute by becoming artists and producing art. Art is a concept

  • The Importance Of Visual Culture Art Education

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    Visual culture covers such a wide array of visual artifacts that it is often difficult to ascertain what exactly visual culture art education is and how it is used in the classroom. Visual culture has no core or basic principles that need to be taught before going on to something else (Duncum, 2015). There is an advantage to this however, in that visual culture art education can be tailored to the culture and interests of the students. Students can learn to understand the sociocultural influences

  • Jhaverchand Meghani's Historical Novels

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    characters are much-pampered adolescent daughters and Ramanlal Desai’s are charming beloveds, then Meghani’s major women characters are models of Indian motherhood. Meghani excels in the portrayal of family life. 25 Meghani has remained very close to history in his depiction of events in his historical novels. His novels reveal heroism, mystery, intrigues and romantic fervor. Meghani has made an effective use of the language and imparted to Gujarati literature varied, fresh and exquisite similes. “His

  • Value Of Sports

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    Value of Sports and Visual Arts In today's society, high school sports are highly valued. With sports comes recognition, good health and so much more. Although sports provide many positives for growing teens, they are too glorified. Too much funding and support from schools and communities goes into the sports program, that will most likely only last a child to the end of their high school career. For example, Royalton high school spends roughly around $$$ on football alone, while only providing

  • Aristotle And Aristotle: The Characteristics Of Aristotle

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    to do bad. During the middle ages, the control of theatre production exercised by the clergy and nobility was even more effective and the relationship between feudalism and medieval can easily be shown through the establishment of an ideal type of arts which of course, need not to explain all the particular cases, though many times perfect examples may be found. Feudalism is the dominant social system in Europe, in which the nobility held lands from the crown in exchange of military service and vassals