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Throughout the art history, there are similarities and difference from one culture to another. For example, when comparing the art of the Egyptians and the art of the Aegean. Within this you can see that there are some similarities with some of the materials used and how they portray things of their daily life. In the Egyptian art, most of the art has some type of connection between the rulers of that time period and their religion. For instance, in the painting “Presentation of Nubian Tribute to Tutankhamon” (pg.107) you can see the importance in their culture of worshipping their kings, queens, or gods/goddesses. In this painting you can see that the people are bringing some type of offering to the Pharaoh. This displays the honor and respect people have to their rulers. In addition, their art shows everyday things that the people would do like fishing. The idea of the afterlife is stressed and emphasized…show more content…
In the figure we can see that it is a female, but the face does not have much detail nor the body. Also, we see that in the Aegean art, displays a female figure, therefore females were important in this culture because of the numerous figures of females. In the Aegean culture, the buildings are very important as well because of the enormous palaces that contained many rooms and had a lot of space. An example is the palace of Knossos. Within this palace there are walls that have been painted with people and animals that are shown some type of motions and are not shown with their heads facing to their side and body facing forward like in the paint called “Children boxing” (pg.120). In this wall painting there are scenes of battles, natural scenes like animals. In the art of the Aegean people, the artist used more geometric forms to depict people and animals which made some of the people and animals look more abstract this is also seen in the female

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