Helen Frankenthaler Visual Analysis

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Helen Frankenthaler (12, Dec. 1928 – 27 Dec. 2011) born in New York, a American painter in the mid- twentieth century. Her love for landscape, sky and sea was developed after taking many trips with her family during the summer time. Frankenthaler was a second- generation Abstract Expressionist painter that gained fame after her creation of the color- stain technique in the 1950s. Frankenthaler attended Bennington College, where she received her Bachelor of arts in 1948. Her motivation led her to participate in several group shows in which she had her first solo exhibition in 1951. After her solo exhibition, her work started taking recognition, national and international. Large exhibition of her work took place in the Jewish Museum in New…show more content…
This painting represented one of her first work that she used her technique of soak – staining, in which she used oil paints thinned with turpentine onto unprimed canvas. The reason why this painting was so intriguing is because it connects Frankenthaler to abstract expressionism which is a style of painting that started after World War II and it developed in the 1940’s in New York and it helped New York City be at the center of the western art world. Frankenthaler is trying to capture the passionate concerns of the world and the passionate concerns of art with the Holocaust painting. The red and the saturated white in the Holocaust painting show the different type of skills that Frankenthaler had. These colors represent Color field which was inspired by European modernism and it was closely related to Abstract Expressionism. Frankenthaler is one of the originators of the Color Field movement. One of her other famous works was Mountains and sea, but what made the Holocaust stand out was because of the time it was made, it contributed to the history of postwar American paintings. Holocaust was painted at the end of World War II after her trip to Europe. As she stayed there, Frankenthaler saw so much destruction and poverty that it reminded her of how New York was. This inspired her to paint Holocaust since it was the only way for her to express what was going on ,she was not able to express herself in

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