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  • Gabrielle Chanel: The Most Famous French Fashions

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    is Karl Lagerfeld. He is the designer of all Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and accessory series. In 1987, Jacques Helleu designed the Première watch and it's the first line of Chanel watches is launched. Chanel privilege by Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with the huge exhibition committed to the House of Chanel in

  • Essay On Street Art

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    There are various types of art forms available in today’s world, one of them being street art. It falls under the category of contemporary art which in turn falls under the area of cultural studies. It has become popular since the early 1980’s, this symbolises freedom and expression. Street art can truly be valued only if we consider its place in the lineage of fine art history and the outcome it has had on our modern society. They act as reflections of ourselves and the cities in which we live.

  • Elements Of Criticism

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    criticism assumes a systematic structure. The ‘work’ refers to the artistic product itself and the second element is the artist himself. Thirdly, ‘Universe’ refers to the external objects of imitation . Lastly, is the ‘audiences’ who perceives the work of art and interprets in their own way. One notable fact is that these elements are represented in different degrees in the theories in which they occur. This discussion of Abrams on four aesthetic theories and their gradual development in relation to the

  • Benin Bronzes Analysis

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    and sculptures that were used to decorate the royal palace in the old kingdom of Benin, located around what is now southern Nigeria, and inhabited by the Bini people from around the eleventh century CE. The extract, from 'Great Benin: Its Customs, Art and Horrors' by Henry Ling Roth (1903),will be discussed, along with the specified plates from the AA100 Illustration Book, in order to better understand how, over the last century, European attitudes towards the bronzes have changed. Initially objects

  • Descriptive Essay On Art Gallery

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    time I visited an art gallery. Initially, I was not sure of what to expect, the thought of a brand new experience was quite overwhelming. I had several questions, how do I dress? What do I look for? I spoke with my wife, she politely said to me, “all you have to do is visit and have fun.” With that thought in mind, I decided to open up my mind, feel easy and have a good time. Upon further inquiry from classmates, I stumbled on the same answer, “The main thing to do when visiting an art gallery is to

  • Aristotle: The Concept Of Imitation In Poetry

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    works of imitation”. So, works of poetry will be in the steady supply, since men are by nature prone to imitation and the poetic art is an imitative art. It can will meet steady demand, since men by nature like to observe imitations. That’s why poetry sells so much better than coca cola in this era. Beside that, Aristotle offers no explanation about what is

  • Metaphors In Everyday Life

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    and so forth. Sometimes words on their own are not sufficient enough to depict a certain message. Where words can fail, visual art possesses the ability to convey powerful messages to an audience. “There is Always Hope”, a painting by Banksy, presents a single piece of work that can be interpreted in a variety of ways, whether they be socially or politically. Through this art piece, Banksy illustrates a sense of hope and optimism for the future; this hope can identify with the person viewing the work

  • The Importance Of Art In Education

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    Centuries have passed, the arts have made a huge impact and played a vital role in the lives of people and in the society as a whole. Every day, the arts are being developed, yet, the society is enclosed with the usual idea of arts and forgot the authenticity of the arts. People tend to focus more on the output, which fail them to grasp the meaning behind in each and every artwork. People have just been fascinated with the look and sometimes just consider it as a decoration or simply just a creation

  • How Does Art Affect Worldview

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    Theories in art differ greatly from those in the natural sciences. In a broader sense, a theory can be thought of as a conceptual type of thinking. Hence, every piece of artwork can be considered a theory. This is because every artwork is an interpretation of a certain aspect of the world. In some way, it is an attempt to explain the world around it. In the words of famous German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer, “the experience of art is an experience of meaning, and as such

  • Tan Qing Lun Analysis

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    Lun graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music under a postgraduate scholarship from the National Arts Council (NAC). He is currently one of the musicians for Ding Yi Music Company, he plays the traditional Chinese instrument, Dizi. He is also currently the Ensemble Manager and a founding member of Ding Yi Music Company. In addition, he is currently teaching at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Besides knowing how to play the Dizi, Qing Lun also knows how to play the Shakuhachi, a Japanese