Essay On Knowing History

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“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” This a famous quotes by Marcus Mosiah Garvey, who was a proponent of black nationalism in Jamaica and especially the United States. Knowing history is not a pleasure for the historians, but also for every individual who have a past life. This intense quote helps us to question our self, like “what is the use of knowing history”, “why do I need to know my roots”, “it isn’t enough knowing my great great parents name?”. well there are different statement which are given by different historians to answer your questions. There are plenty of uses of knowing history, among the lists, knowing your origin, Avoiding Past Mistakes, living a Different Present, Completing Past Work, Realizing Past Dreams, Learning Old Survival Strategies are some of them. Among these let me try to explain a couple of reasons, history not always tells us how different events started but also how these scenarios might end up, as where we are in the middle of the past and the future. We can better comprehend the present life and forecast the future just…show more content…
The question is, how we can get histories? There are a lot of mediums that we can study or learn history. Video games, movies, books, essays, paints, dances, dramas, pictures, tattoos etc. these are a few of medium in which we can interact with histories. I think we will comfortable and have a willing to know the history when the history came In a form in which we want. For instance, I am interested in film making, in this sense I will more interested and attracted if you blended different histories with movies rather than reading hundreds of pages. Some other guy might prefer video game or
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