Renaissance Art Research Paper

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Throughout history, art has been an evolving form of expression traveling era by era, shaping the world around us. In my opinion, art’s prime age of existence was before true technology had formed as it provided the artists with opportunity to express their ideas and beliefs without influence, capitalizing on the raw talent many of them possessed. Two significant periods in crafting history are the renaissance era and the medieval period in which art flourished in exceptional and yet contrasting ways. Although both movements had similar forms of art and religious affiliation, the renaissance was during a time of the rediscovery of a once flourishing ancient world while the middle ages coincided with suffering, famine, and plague. Post initial persecution, Christianity was a massive, missionary faith spreading rapidly throughout Europe due to its appeal to every social class. In this period, the ability to read was scarce through the world and few copies of the Bible existed. Being a missionary faith, the new religion desired a scheme to spread its ideals and credences in order to recruit the largest number of followers possible. Artwork naturally revealed the most efficient solution thereby founding the beginnings of the…show more content…
Stemming from the ideals of mankind in the period, renaissance art captured humans and nature in order to convey the importance of people and the nature they are born into. The era in which it existed had a focus on individual excellence and virtue with the idea that life should be lived for itself, enjoying every bit of beauty in our midst. In sharp contrast, medieval art was fixated on the expression and spread of pious ideals. In a rough patch of human history, the cynosure at the time was God and how you devoted yourself to them. Then, one should serve God and solely consider afterlife as there are no guarantees in the
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