Vincen Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

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The history of art is literally and figuratively very colorful. This is because thousands of artworks were made throughout history and these played a significant role on shaping our society despite the fact that only few of these artworks made it to the halls of the museums, or they were sold for the highest bidder at high-end auctions. Moreover, these artworks were crafted in different periods that their themes and the motivations for their creations are dependent on the existing conditions in their society. For example, renaissance artworks are majorly themed towards the enlightenment or new ideas after centuries of dark ages. According to Bartz (2001), the art history may be divided into different periods including the renaissance, neoclassicism, romanticism, modern art, and contemporary art. Art also takes different forms and it may be through painting, sculpture, photography, handicrafts, etc.…show more content…
However, it was said that during his time, his talent was much unappreciated as the people did not understand the uniqueness of his style and the innovativeness of his art designs. This artist painted The Starry Night in 1889 and it was the most iconic and recognizable work of art of today. This artwork, currently located at Museum of Modern Art in New York City, has a dimension of 73.7 cm x 92.1 cm and was preserved in order to remember the legacy of Van Gogh. Another iconic painting which was crafted during the renaissance, period is the Mona Lisa painted by great philosopher and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci. According to Wiesner-Hanks (2005), this has been the most recognizable and iconic painting as it was used multiple times in popular culture. The painting which has a dimension of 77 cm x 53 cm is now located in Paris,

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