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Art has been around since the drawing on cave walls, and play a huge part in world history. People of the present use it to connect to the past. Art help viewer connect to the past by telling the viewer about the history of the country, that is has been through, and what the artist has been through. Art has a meaning behind it telling a story or showing something. Art also can help viewer to connect to the past because they might be drawn historically. It can reflect and affect how a generation is remembered because of the style of the time the picture was drawn. Firstly, Art can help viewer to connect to the past historically because artist drawn picture of World War 1, World War 2, and also Vietnam War. The picture can tell how the war has been difficult or easy as pie. According to the article, “Tribute to Vietnam dead: word, a wall” stated that “Mr.Toohey and hundreds of other Americans continued to arrive at the wall even after darkness fell tonight, the eve of veteran”. The wall is representing all the people who had been through the war and also died for America…show more content…
Each time period has its own style. For example the artist can also incorporate meaning into the painting like a dove can mean peace. Today we call ourselves modern because it’s the style that is in fashion in architecture and culture. Art can reflect a generation by the style of painting. For example 2016 style can be modern. And the style of the 2000 is can be traditional. Norman Rockwell article state that “Many of his works. Appear overly sweet in modern critic’s eye…”. There are different type of art that goes with these categories like for example pop art, graffiti, and more. In the article “Graffiti art highlight in NYC exhibition” it state that “Howard the Duck” mural showed the comic character peeking from behind a trash can with the words: “Graffiti is a art, and if art is a crime, Let god forgive

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